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Why should You Not Upload Videos in YouTube

When you publish video to YouTube , you will be happy to see the number of views. You will do the work hard to increase the number of views. For this, you will link your YouTube channel in your own website. Your website community will go to your YouTube channel for subscription and your page rank will transfer to YouTube and one day, YouTube will say you good bye by suspend your YouTube account without asking to you regarding suspension decision.

After suspension, it will give you just notification. Reason will show as the violation of its community and copyright policy and terms of service. There is no value of your hard work, dedication, devotion.  You will just become beggar for demanding your suspended YouTube channel and there is no default of violation of community and copyright policy and you are facing punishment but you are innocent.

All your readers and community members will see suspend notification on your YouTube channel and your brand will become zero and YouTube will become hero by cheating with you by showing its wrong policy and violation notification. So, I am coming here for opening your mind as brain vessel. So, step by step , I am explaining main reasons of not uploading single video in YouTube. So, YouTube team can understand that it is not good to forget the hard-work in the form of their ego.

1st Reason : No Value of Your Hard Work

Suppose, with your hard work and team's investment, you have made 1000 videos and uploaded to YouTube. Your aim may be increase your sale or getting earning through YouTube partnership. But one day, YouTube will suspend your YouTube account.You do not do any mistake. But it has flag system. There are millions of spam who make you as spam or they will give wrong copyright claim and YouTube will suspend without discussing with you. Your 1000 video will be deleted within one second. There is no democracy in YouTube. There is no listening court. So, you will loss all the incomes of your hard work. You are biggest fool. Same hard work, if you will utilize for promoting your sale of your products by mouth marketing, you can become billionaire without YouTube.

2nd Reason : YouTube is the Machine for Promoting Advertisers

Now, YouTube has become the machine for promoting advertisers. In the home page of YouTube , you will see just videos of advertisers because it receives big money from them. No promotion of any education channel on its home page because small educational channel can not pay for its ads cost. Same question, I had asked from YouTube team and they did not give me response back. Answer is simple, YouTube is showing free education  as drama but main aim is to promote advertisers.

3rd Reason : Never Send Your Website Subscriber to YouTube Channel

You have quality content. So, your website has subscribers. When you will show your YouTube channel on your website. Your website subscriber will go to YouTube. Tomorrow, your YouTube channel will suspend and all your website subscriber will increase  the sale of YouTube 's products and you will loss the earning from your foolishness.  Take the example of great website Wikipedia, wiki-how and ehow who do not link of YouTube to their website, then why you are providing link to YouTube. All these websites are smart from SEO.

4th Reason : Try to Live the Life without YouTube Upload

There are lots of website who do not upload  a single video on YouTube. They upload video on their own website's hosting server. You should do same. You have to give sitemap of your own videos to Google. Your site will surely come to video sitemap. With this, your video will get more views than if it will upload to YouTube.

5th Reason : Never Invest Money for Making New Video Contents for YouTube

I had a channel of cooking education where there are all original video contents for providing free education of cooking. In this channel video contents, I had appointed professional cook employees. Now, without any discussion with me, YouTube has suspend this channel. I have lost big money in it. So, as your good guide, I recommended, never loss your money in such projects. I recommend you instead of investing money in YouTube video, you should invest money in new written contents, you will have more control on your written contents instead of video contents on YouTube.

6th Reason : YouTube can Insult Your Brand and Mission anytime

Suppose, you have made 1000 YouTube video and show its embed code to your website's contents. Now, YouTube has suspend your content. In your website's content, same dead video will show. Through this, it will go to your suspended YouTube channel. where shameful message will show. Every written quality content's value will be zero if your user will see the suspension notification. I think, for making brand, you have spend 5 to 10 years.  You have great mission. By doing, YouTube will insult your brand and mission and you will be helpless. So, never upload and show YouTube video of your channel in your great website.

Update : 6th Oct. 2015

7th Reason : You will not Get Earning From Your Youtube Partnership

All youtube partnership is slave of google adsense account. If your google adsense account will disabled, your all youtube partnership earning will stop because your youtube partnership will stop automatically. There is no independence identity of youtube. In my words, it is idiot partnership with youtube. You can also not more option to show other advertising on youtube. If same videos will host on your own website and your google adsense account will stop, you can show your other company's ads and earn from self hosting videos.

Updated : 6th Oct. 2015

8th Reason : Definition of YouTube Partnership

I can define youtube partnership with following ways.

"One day, I contracted A person whose  legs have been  amputated and who is walking with the help sticks. I load his materials on my vehicle. He gives me money by walking  to  my home. Everything was great. One day his sticks were stolen. I was providing his service unlimited time without any money because I am not doing business. Because I am operating not-for-profit organisation. But he was unable to send me any money because he has no more sticks. He has no more money to buy new sticks.  Amputated person is Youtube and sticks are Google AdSense and I am the person who is providing this social services. It is simple story of YouTube partnership. Now, you can understand what I want to tell."

But not all do the social activities. Even not for organisation needs donation for his social welfare activities. If your everything in your youtube videos will good, you will still get punishment. Recently, I did direct partnership with Dailymotion video sharing website  which is better than youtube because it need not the stick of any other department.

Updated : Jan. 04, 2016 

9th Reason : Instead of Uploading Video, Demo Uploading is Better

If you are professional video creator, Youtube is not best place to upload all videos. You should upload  free demo of your total videos. If youtube will delete, you will not take any tension. Open other youtube account and upload same demo. Demo should upload everywhere whether it is dailymotion or vimeo. For example, you are operating Video course with 20,000 videos. Instead of sending whole video course in youtube, I recommend you to send only 20 videos which will be demo of your 20,000 video. If people will love, they will buy your course. Same strategy, I will also use in future for my next more than 10,000 video courses

Updated : April 03, 2017

Truth is not always one sided. I have written this content when the situation was created and I was affected from the situations. So, above content is one sided.  Now, I have not same situation. So, I can give my better review and improvement in this article. 

It is very easy to find the mistakes in other and it is very difficult to remove our own faults. - As Per Swami Vivekanand

1. Positive Effect on the World if You will Upload the Video on YouTube

Forget what you have received. Remember what you have given because you will get what you have given. If you have given positivity in youtube videos, you will get positivity. Trust in God. For example, you have taught in youtube video for 1 years and made 100 videos and you have received 1,00,000 views and people spent 2,00,000 minutes on watching your videos. Now, if your channel suspend due to any reason by youtube. Why worry.

Take its positive angle instead negative angle

(A)  You Have Given Donation to World through YouTube

You have given free education to 50,000 people in one year. You have given great donation to world. You have given great charity.  Your hard work will not waste. God has seen your welfare activities and you will gets biggest reward. So, forget any issue and start new channel and upload the video. 

 (B) YouTube is Your Coach or Notebook for Helping You in Your Growth

By uploading new video in YouTube, you are practicing what you have learned. From 1st Class to M.A., M.Com., M.SC. and M.Tech, there are lots of notesbooks, we keep for practise and then sell in scrap. Think like this. You have power. Why depend on any other things. You have to thanks to YouTube Team who has given you the opportunity to do practise. If your all video has delete. Suppose 100 videos deleted in one year. Forget it. It is not your weakness. You have power to make 1,000 videos in single day. For winning Gold model, we have to consume 365 days only on the focus of one thought of success. 

(3) MAKE a Attitude of Gratitude for YouTube's Great Support to the World

Soon, I will write the full content on it.  Here, I am saying few words here. 

Anytime, I can watch any free video and increase my knowledge. With this, I and whole world have gained Billion dollar profit. I am indebted of YouTube for his Team's Kindness for me and whole humanity. So, I can express my gratitude for YouTube by making new free video as free gift to it. I will forget what will happen with it. Because, when anybody give the gift to other, he or she forgets what happens of this free gift. I am thankful to my parent. I want to express my gratitude for their kindness. I give the gift them a new house of Rs. 10,00,000. Now, they are the owner because by giving this gift, I can not free from his debt of kindness. Like this, we can not free from the kindness of YouTube. 

I feel sorry personally from all including YouTube Team, if I have done any mistake through my writing. I am also requesting. Please forgive me for my mistakes. 



Vinod Kumar ( Educator) 


  1. I agree with you in this aspect. YouTube doesn't bother to listen to any explanation/reason if you are asking them to re-activate your suspended account/channel. In the first place, you don't even know while all of a sudden your channel was suspended because they just tell you you violated terms of service with no specifics. You spend so much time, dedication and quality videos for your viewers/subscribers and when you are gaining more subscribers, YOUTUBE will just send you a notice that your channel was terminated and you are not allowed to create any other account. They just terminate and not pay your earnings at all. Very bad and disappointing experience with youtube.

    1. I am really thankful dear Unlimited Talents. When any mishappening, there is the nature of human being, we spread negative energy. What will happen, if you and I will start complain. Instead complain, we start to focus on self-improvement. We can not change YouTube and its Team. We can change ourselves. It is very easy and risk free. No one has stop you to open your own video channel. Just buy video hosting and domain name and proved that your have unlimited talents. This is best use of your energy positive way.


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