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How to Become a Surgeon

Surgeons are the expert in surgery line who do the operations for treating physical problems. They get good fees for his or professional service. So, you can make your career in this field.

In future, there is big need of surgeon because lots of patients are becoming due to wrong eating of food and laziness of exercise. You can not only earn good money in this profession but also guide them to live better life.

1. Do 10+2 in Medical

In India, you must do 10+2 in medical with good marks.

2. Give the Pre-Medical Exam.

For becoming surgeon, you need to do pre-medical exam and get good marks in it.

3. Get Bachelor degree in Medical Line (MBBS)

It is necessary to get MBBS for becoming surgeon. You will get many practicals regarding the surgery of different parts in this degree course.

4. Complete Doctor Medical (MD)

You also need to complete MD.

5. Get Practical Experience

You have to do the duty of any surgery hospital which will also the medical college. For example, you can take the experience in PGI. With this, you get the license for doing practical profession of surgery.

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