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How to Ride a Bike on Hills

Few days ago, I gave practical  the training to one student on my bike. So, I am ready to share it on my Svtuition - A free Online Virtual benefits for bike learner communities. To ride a bike on hills is not as easy as to ride on flat roads. We  went on  bike from Pinjor to Kasauli (37 Kms.). My friend has learned totally. Hope, you will also learn to ride a bike on Hills.

Steps of Riding a Bike on Hills 

1. Take it as Challenge 

Without taking the challenge, you can not learn to ride a bike on the hills. If you did not ride, you will surely fear to go to hill area with your bike. So, first, you have to take the challenge. Yes, you can do it. With this, you will get mental power. With this, you will physically and mentally prepare for this adventure. Yes, there are lots of risks due to shortage of hill road but if you have accepted this as challenge, there will no space of fear in your mind.

2. Keep Focus on the Road

Now, in second step, you have to focus on the road. Hill road will always small and single. In flat ground road, you may careless, there may be two way and there are lots of chance to save yourself. There is no options in hill road. So, you have to focus on this driving on hill road. See forward and take care who is coming back and front. There are lots of turns like snake, so, you can not image who is driving rough on same road. So, drive your bike and fluctuate without leaving the hill road. Good focus on the road will bring confidence in you.

3. Keep Foot on the Break

Always keep foot on the break. Anytime, you need this because there may be big stop due to traffic jam or you need to slow speed for crossing in small place. If you do this mistake, you can give big price of this in your accident. So, never forget it.

4. Use only 2nd and 3rd Gear of Bike

If hill is big, you can cross it in lower gear of 1st or 2nd or 3rd with high speed. In 4th gear, your bike will stop, so it is very necessary to use only 1st or 2nd or 3rd gear on hill roads.

5. Ride Bike at 20 Km/h to 30 Km/h

Check whether your bike speed is at 20 km/h or 30 km/ hr. Never drive more than this speed limit because there are lots of turns after short distance. So, you need to slow your bike. So, it is recommended  to you to keep bike at this limit only.

6. Remember While Turning

If you are turning left or right with your motorcycle, you must take defensive position on same road. If any motor vehicle is very slow, you can overtake it from right side. For this, you must check whether other motor vehicle is coming from front or not. If there are lots of vehicles in the front, then it is suggested not to overtake before crossing front coming vehicles.

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