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How to Use Google Adsense Matched Content Units

Officially, Google Adsense team has created new content units for google adsense publishers and its name is "Google Adsense Matched Content Units." By adding this code to your website, you can increase your website page-views because all of its link will be internal.

Today, I have successfully used it in my Accounting Education Website. You can see its screenshot.

All 5 contents are of my website. I think, this is good initiative for promoting google adsense publisher's website. Every page, related contents will publish which increase the page views and page view increase increase the engagement of users of same website. It means, website user will spend more time in website which will help to grow your website. 

So, today, we will learn its simple steps.

1st Step - Condition :

Your Website must be approved for such content units. Just go to your google adsense account's setting and then go to website management where you can see whether your website has approved or not. If your website has approved, then you can take next step. 

2nd Step - Create Your Matched Contents Units

Just go to your google adsense account, then go to my ads and then go to create new ads unit. In this, you have to select matched content (Beta). and after color setting, you have to get code.

3rd Step : Add it below the content or Right Side of Your Website

Just go to your website and add it below the content body or right side of your website or you can add where you like. 


  • On these Google Adsense Content Units, there will not apply limit of adsense ads units.
  • You can check its performance through your adsense account. 

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  1. Matched Content is producing https links to my internal pages instead of http links, which is increasing bounce rate for my website. Is there any way to fix it?


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