Why did I leave YouTube?

From last 4 months, I did not upload a single video on YouTube. There is major issue. Which I have explained in YouTube Survery. Today, I got email from YouTube where it want to ask me few questions. So, I have given its below answer.

YouTube is big spam on the Internet. I thought in past, it was a great opportunity for creator like me. But after disable my monetized on my Svtuition channel, I realized, it is big spam company on the Internet. When my both community policy and copyright policy is good when you have made a separate agreement of partnership. Then why cut the supply line with disable magnetization. Dailymotion is great than youtube because it has done independent contract. But you play double game which is totally wrong. It is injustice,  inmoral and unethical if your adsense account will  disable, your youtube monetization will disable. In my channel svtuition all video are made by me. All are in good standing of copyright and community. Still, you cheat me and punish me. If there was no monetization partnership, it will be great. I will continue make the videos. But if you have but you cheat me, it is wrong. I have more than 1500 video. If I did not upload in youtube and upload on dailymotion or my own server, I will be financial better because there is no effect of diable anything on it. You are making fool all the creators who are doing partnership with you.So, as creator, you have insulted me and violate my skills and experience. I will surely against your system.

What makes you think YouTube is not the best place for creators?

1. Creator will always risk of disable monetization. Even he is doing hard work on creation of great videos.

2. I spent many nights for creating great videos and your all support is zero.

Why do you think that YouTube does not compensate you fairly?

1. When there is no partnership, I have made lots of great video free of cost. I love it.

2. Now, it is the time to get reward from it but at same time, you have disable monetization. It is just like a laborer who does hard work for construction and in the end throw  by idiot through foot with payment. You have made your own brand and just throw me like unpaid laborer. If you say me, you have no budget to pay, I will surely help you to make more great videos without compensate. But without reason disable of monetization is  your idiot decision.

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Vinod Kumar


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