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How to Increase Height

Every child or young who feel that there height is less than what they need are interested to know, "How to increase height?" Due to this, there is big community online who want to increase height. I have researched in this area deeply and given very simple steps for fastly increasing the height without taking any medicine.

If you will follow all these steps honestly, your height growth harmons can increase at any age and it is sure, your height will increase. and it will attach four stars in your personality.

Following are its Simple Steps 

  • Start from Height Increasing Exercises 
    For increasing your height, you need to start height increasing exercises. In this, we can include jumping, hanging, running, biking, swimming, yoga and rope jumping. Make the strict time-table for doing all these exercises, it will surely increase your height.

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        • If you are not getting success after doing all these exercises, it means, you do not have strict time table for doing. You do for few days and leave to do these exercises, there will not any success doing this. Do it strictly for one year. Morning 2 hours and evening 2 hours are sufficient.

    • Gain Confidence
      If you have increased your half inch height due to this, you have to feel confidence. It will carry you to increase your 1 foot height. For gaining confidence, check what is the mistake in height increasing exercises.

        • Good Food For Height 

        Food plays  important parts for increasing height. Eat fruits. Eat green vegetables. Drink Milk 2 to 4 kgs every day. It will help to grow your bones. More growth in bones will help to increase your height.

        • Not to Take Drugs

        Never to take any drugs. It will stop to increase the height increasing harmons. No HIH medicine will help, if you take any drug. Never smoke and never drink alcohol or cold drinks and tea.

        •  Good Sleep 

        Always get good sleep from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. it will help to increase your height.

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