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How to Run 2 Hours and 30 Minutes

Yes, anyone can run 2 hours and 30 minutes. But it will not possible within one day. It is big challenge and it needs big stamina. It also depends of human strength. If you have more stamina and more mental tolerance strength, there are good chance you can run this huge distance with your foot.  But if you will our training, it is not chance but it will increase your stamina and boost your confidence. Watch our Testimonial Video and get inspiration from it.

1st Step : Inspire Who Have Run 2 Hours and 30 Minutes

Testimonial Video

2nd Step : Follow the Training Rules 

We have made the Strict rules which will be written in our training report on the basis of your past stamina. If you can run zero minute, we can carry you and you can run 1 hour and also cover 10 kms in one month.

What is in Our Training Report 

In our training report, we have covered everything which is necessary for making your stamina and confidence. For example, if anybody asks what is in MBBS Degree. In MBBS degree is everything which is needed for becoming professional doctor. Like this, we have Longer Running Training.

Online Running Training  : Fees : Rs. 2000

About Me & Contact for Training 

I am Vinod Kumar ( Running Trainer). If you want to get training for running long stamina and boost confidence, please talk me at my mobile no. 9356234925, +91-9356234925
 ( outside India) or email vinod@svtuition.org

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