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How to Think Positive | Motivation in English

Dear Friends,

Today we will learn how to bring good thoughts in your life. How can you fill your life with positive thoughts?
How to think positive?

Positive thoughts are those thoughts which can uplift you and bring you success. Before we learn How to bring positive thoughts we must know its benefits.

Why should we think positive, if we answer this question then we will start bringing positive thoughts in our life?

1st  : Anything has its own shadow.

 A person will form his shadow; a flower will form different shadow of its own. We should understand that whatever we think, it will form a shadow in real world according to your thoughts. Now there may be positive thoughts or negative thoughts. If we think positive good things will come in life – Happiness, joy, money, success, you will become what you want. As per theory of Cause and effect we are proving if thoughts are positive its shadow will be positive and negative thoughts will form negative shadow. You want to be happy but are thinking negative, you want to be rich but thinking cheap thoughts, what kind of shadow will they make? So you should think positive to get positive results. SO this is First point on the path of joy and happiness where you can change your thinking,

2nd : Point is Avoid negative thoughts

 whenever you stop negative thoughts, positive thoughts will come to you. For this you must realize the side effect of negative thoughts. It brings tension, when you think negatively, how will this happen? How will I do this? This will bring diseases, you blood pressure will go up, you kidney heart, liver will be affected. You will not be able to be happy. So decide that you will not allow negative thinking,

3rd : What are the difficulties

 If you want to bring positivity in your life, then you must understand the problems in your life, when you encounter problems in your life , you must overcome it, God wants you to become a champion, he wants you to become a genius, but instead of overcoming we only think and complain about difficulty. It’s not a difficulty. With practice and effort you can overcome any problem. So take steps towards positive direction.

4th : Hopes : Keep optimistic attitude.

 If it’s night now, it will be day tomorrow. If its sadness today, it will be happiness tomorrow. One time of situation will not remain forever. After winter summer will come. Flowers grow when the right season comes. SO become optimistic .5th you have to struggle. See everything as a challenge. A person has about 50000 thoughts in a Day. When a positive thought comes to you. Suppose its- I will wake up early. Now add one more positive thought to this, I will finish my work on time, Add one more- I will help someone today. Add one more thought, I will not criticize anyone. Like this you will form a chain of positive thoughts. It will work on its own, you will not have to think positive thoughts now, it will happen naturally….Like this you can keep thinking positive, and it’s very easy. I hope you will learn from this. Thank you for watching this video.

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