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Infolinks Payment Proof

I am partner of Infolinks from Sept. 2015. Now more than 1 and half year, I am earning from it. Above green color shows the payment which I have received in my bank account. Total I have earned $ 842.45 if I take average Indian and USA exchange rate Rs. 64 per dollar, then I have earned and received payment in my bank account Rs. 53916.8 which is great achievement of my life. So, I recommend you to use infolinks for your website or blog.

 If you have the passion of writing, infolinks will surely convert your passion into profit. There is no risk of not receiving income. It is 100% genuine company which provides your earned payment in your bank account automatically on the time.

You can also earn the money from Infolinks when your products are not performing. It is just like rent of your website home. All fan contributes in this and with this, you can start your focus only on same thing.

So, please try it for your website.


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