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How to Get Rid of Masturbation and Focus on Study

Masturbation is big addiction and more harmful than all addiction because if you are addicted of masturbation, you will unable to focus on your study. It will damage you spiritually, mentally and from your health point of view. Both your semen and sperm will die due to this bad habit and you will physically weak and mentally disable to learn or focus on your study. So, learn how to  Get Rid of Masturbation and Focus on Study.

1. First know the semen for immune system 

Semen is most important for immune system. If you are healthy, your focus on study will good. Because your immune system will protect your health.

You will not get fever, cough and cold easily

You will not get in the track of any disease.

So, understand the power of semen for your health and stop Masturbation

2. Change the flow of sex energy to wastage of semen to hard exercise 

You are doing this because you have the sex energy. Use it doing hard exercise.

There are following benefits of hard workout and exercises

a) Physically, you will strong

b) From mind, you will get strength

c) Sex energy will consume

d) With physical power and confidence, you will easily focus on study

3. Stop to give food of sex material to mind.

It is must stop porn and other sex material. Learn, its step at here

4. Stop to give feed,  salt and sweet to body.

Both salt and artificial sweet is harmful and create negative harmons in the body. Stop  excess dose in the form of namkeen and mithayi

5. Start to see beauty of God behind the beauty of physical body.

If you will open this eye of God behind the beauty of physical body, you can start to see same god in the books and you will start to love its knowledge and respect.

6. Start to spend time in other good activities like pray of God and reading good books

Never too read only your school books, pray of god is must. Read other motivational and good books are also important to make good habits.

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