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How Can I Get Rid of Sex Thoughts and Focus on Study?

Question by Student

How Can I Get Rid of Sex Thoughts  and Focus on Study?

Answer by Me

Thoughts are very important for your own idea and imagination for success of biggest goal of your life. Sex thoughts are also not exception. You can not stop it. It is natural but you can easily to change your focus. Very simple. See very clear what are these sex thoughts. Are equal to boiling milk bubbles. Yes. Now, stop to focus on it. If you will focus, it will increase the bubble and end will be with blast. So, you will waste the time.

I did not say to focus on study. If you are thinking on sex, you will not focus on study. Yes, you just focus on your sex thoughts reality. When you will understand the reality, you will not focus on it. Like if you see the water on the far place in summer but when you will reach, you will see nothing. Sex thoughts are just like this. It does not any existence. It will only barrier in your ideas and imagination.

I have explained it with following video tutorial. Watch it now and understand

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