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Success in Online Business without Google - Course

Price Rs. 5000

  • This is one month Course.
  • I will take 2 Hour Class each day through Google Hangout or Mobile or Facebook Chat for 4 Days.
  • I will solve your all problems relating to my four classes for one month through email or mobile.
  • Teacher  is Vinod Kumar (Educator)


1. If you are Google AdSense publisher and your earning is decreasing day by day. Our course will teach you, how can you increase your income from other better alternatives.

2. If you are Google Advertisers and google advertising is not growing your business. Our course will teach you, how can you grow your business without google advertising.

If you are interested to do this course, please tell us at our email vinod@svtuition.org or Mobile No. 9356234925 , we will tell you next procedure. 
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