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Why is Our Car Driving Course DVDs Set Costly? | Punjabi

Diamond's value is very high because there is very few diamonds in the world. Our car driving course DVDs Set is costly because it is diamond. We have taught many important things relating to car clutch, gear, brakes, steering and driving skills. So, we are taking Rs. 30 Blank DVDs and Selling it at Rs. 1000 because there is great knowledge in it. DVDs is just place where we can store. If you want only DVDs Set, just go to market, its cost is Rs. 30 but our Car Driving Course DVDs is Rs. 1000. If you want to talk before buy, please call us at our mobile no. 9356234925 or buy online at http://www.krantikari.org/2016/07/car-driving-course-dvds-set.html

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