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How to Make Mobile Website for Free

Mobile website means the website which is most suitable for opening on your mobile because mobile website is made only for the small screen of mobile. Within 2 or 3 years, you will see double traffic of mobile internet users than computer internet users. So, it is good time to make mobile website. With this, you can increase your sale. If you are publisher, you can increase your advertising earning. But it has monthly cost. But today, we will explain you an easy hack for getting mobile website for free.

Following are its step:

1. Just Go to http://www.howtogomo.com . In this website, there is complete resource.

2. Go to Build Your Site. In top links, you will see build your site line. Click it and then write your website name in the box. After this, click green button, make my website mobile.

3. Select theme. You can use website th

eme or blog theme.

4. Edit site. In this way, you can use many advance options.

5. Save site. By using email and passward, you can save your mobile site.

6. Go live. For this, you just copy the given code and paste it in your hosting file. You may be on self-hosting or you may be on blogger. You have to select correct option and paste the code in your website or blog belowtag.

Important : You also need to make sub-domain like m.yourwebsite.com in your domain's dns management by adding CNAME. You have to write hosting as mobile.dudamobile.com

After this, your website will redirect to your new created mobile website.

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