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How to Write FIR for Lost Wallet

There may be important documents like PAN Card, Driving Licence, Adhhar card, pension card, identity card, voter card, green card, debit cards and credit cards in your wallet. Moreover, wallet are kept for keeping cash for buying offline. So, if it has lost, it may be very painful. If you want to get all documents, you need FIR copy which is the proof that you have informed to police and it may also chance, you can get your lost wallet from police inspection.

What is FIR?

FIR is the first information  report. You have to give the written application for register the FIR, after this, police will take the action.

What is the Need of Registering the FIR of Lost Wallet?

As per law, it is your duty to safeguard your wallet  because your important documents and cards and cash  can be misused for  any other purpose. So, when you lose your wallet, contact your near police station and notify them by written FIR.  Only after this, you can apply for reissue of your new documents by attach its copy

Following is the sample of application.


The Incharge of Police,

Name of City.

Respected Officer,

During the travelling ( or what is your reason) from _________ to _________ with the rail ( or walk or bus or anything way), my wallet which was in pocket which has Rs. 5000 cash, pan card, adhhar card, voter card, sbi credit card, hdfc credit card and boi debit card and my car licence and RC card whose numbers ___ ( mention your numbers of all documents) has lost somewhere. It did not find after searching. If you have doubt on the person or pickpocket (mention the name and address) by writing. I think it has been taken someone who can misuse my wallet documents and money for bad purpose. So, I want to stop the working of its no. ______________ . So, it is my request to register my FIR for lost my wallet.

Thanks and Regard

Write your signature

Write your address

Write your mobile no.

Attach your I.D. Proof. and Photostat of Lost PAN Card

Make 3 Copies of this. Stamp of Police station and take the sign of police officer. One will be in the hand of police. One you will attach with the application of duplication or New PAN Card. One will be in your hand.

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