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How to Withdraw EPF Money after Leaving a Job

When a person leaves the job, he needs big money because one side, he or she faces unemployment. With this, there will not any source of earning without getting another job or doing any new business. Second side, he or she needs money for fulfilling basic needs.  So,  to withdraw EPF money is the better option for fighting with current situation.  So, today, we are telling its simple steps :


1st Step : Fill the Form 19 and 10 C


For getting your EPF money, you should fill the form 19. You can download at here .


2nd Step : Signed by You


You want to get EPF money, so you must sign on the form.


3rd Step : Attest Form from Employer or gazetted officer


It is very necessary to attest same form from your employer or gazetted officer.


4th Step : Submit to EPF Commissioner


After filling and attesting the form 19, you must submit it to your regional EPF commissioner. Wait for 60 days, your EPF money come to your bank account.



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