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Tatva Gyan

Recently, I started to read the book of Anand Swami Related to Tatva Gyan. In this book, I found the correct definition of tatva gyan. As per this book, tatva gyan means knowledge of own soul and knowledge of God.

On of the great work, we have to do to know this knowledge but instead of getting of this knowledge, we started to capture ourselves in this world's Maya. All happens due to our mind.

1. Mind is Our Enemy and Mind is Our Friend

Mind is our enemy and mind is our friend. If mind is not controlled by our body and soul. It will free and it will give pain. With uncontrolled mind, we will join to bad company and end will be bad. If we will start to control our mind, it will our biggest friend. We will start to do all good works. End will also good.

2. How to Control Mind 

If we start to make strict time table of eating and sleeping, we can make difference. It is also necessary to eat only vegetarian. We try to eat more fruits and green vegetables without pesticides. We have to sleep on the time. We have to control our desires. By good eating, by good sleeping and by controlling our desires, we will get success to control our mind.

3. What is the Benefit of Controlling of Mind

Controlling of mind is helpful to reach at the level of smathi where you can find the presence of God. We will get more concentration through controlling our mind. We can realize that our aim of life is to get knowledge who we are. We are not body. We are not mind. We are not just organs of eyes, nose, ear, heart, kidney and others. We are soul which is the part of supreme power God.

4. No Explanation of God in Words

All those who found God inside the body through concentration and controlling of mind could not explain the God. We can not explain because we all are helpless to explain God in words. We can only feel. Still there is big detail in Upnisheds.

5. What will Happen After Getting the Knowledge of Tatva Gyan

We can understand that our body is just machine of comfort and pain of life. Our soul can not feel all this. We can help to whole world to reduce their pains because it is short period on the basis of our past act.

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