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How can Plaster to Wall Fastly

Few days ago, I appointed two experts who know the plastering. They have contracted with me. This contract of Rs. 1250 after adjustment in price. Within few hours they have completed his contract. I have learned lots of thing. One of great knowledge, I gained as the lover of knowledge is that they are doing plastering work fastly. For this, one is just sending the mixture of plastering on the wall and second is plan it with his equipment.  Watch this video and gain this great knowledge of building.

Simple Steps 

1. Need of Employees

If you want plaster fastly, you need three employees. Two experts of construction work and one is laborer.

2. Do Work on Production Basis Instead Time Basis

This is great point. In India, if you want to do plaster fastly, you have to contract on the production basis. You can first estimate one day production. Now, offer the lowest cost of production. Start bargaining and one team will happy to accept your offer.

3. Effective Use of Plastering Tools

There are two major tools of plastering. One is triangle trowel and second is flat square trowel. From video, you can learn its effective use. One will use first for sending cement mixture on the wall and second will plan it with second tool.

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