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How to Remove Shuttering from Concrete

To remove shuttering from concrete slab or base is most difficult work for builder and its labourers team because builder and labourers have to work below the concrete slab. If there is mistake in it, its price is the life of member of team. So, this construction work must be learned practical. There is no theory role in it. So, our this 20+ minute video will explain everything by doing practical. After this, it will be risk free and easy for you.

Please follow the following steps.

1. Collect the equipment for Removing shuttering from concrete slab

a)  Hammer
b) Iron Small stick or rod
c) Big iron stick or rod
d) Wood Stair

2. Loose the Garders

Use all these equipment for loosing the garders.

3.  Remove the Supports of Shuttering

Now, you have to remove the supports which were used for supporting garders. With this, garders will remove more.

4. Open the Iron Plates which Attached with Concrete Slab

Now open the iron plate. If is tight attach, use iron stick for removing it.

5. Follow the Safety Rules

a) Keep safe side from iron plats, garders and supports
b) Remove the shuttering from concrete base after 10 to 15 days.

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