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How to Improve Our Mistakes | Tutorial in English

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Video Description

Dear friends,

Today we will teach you how to correct mistakes of other people. First you must know the mistake other person, and second the way of improving mistake must be good so the person realize his mistake and take the steps to correct mistake. Today I will tell you a method to do this, I also request you to forgive me for my mistakes.

Suppose I am a student B and there is a teacher A. A is a very experienced and great teacher. I have been going to him for 10 years to receive knowledge. He is very kind to give me knowledge .I had great respect for him. I was very happy to learn from him. After 10 year an event happened which was related to both my life and teacher’s life? I went to teacher to say sorry for my mistake. They told me to get out, they didn’t have time. I asked them for pardon. Please forgive me; please improve me so I don’t repeat mistakes in life. The teacher said he didn’t have time and told me to get out. What did I learn from this? That I kept learning for 10 years, I gained knowledge and kept improving myself. But after 10 years when an event happened in which they were insulted. I wanted to learn if any person is insulted, can he forgive? A person who can forgive becomes god. They felt insult, they felt anger. It means they made three mistakes – First if to feel insult, second is to not teach student, Third mistake is to not forgive.

1st Mistake : To Feel Insult

During those 10 years they never thought about how to correct your mistake.
Maybe they felt insult before also….Can a person forgives others?

I am making this video so that you know how to correct mistakes. Mistake happened and they felt insult. They did not forgive me, maybe they thought that I did mistake intentionally. If they knew that they should have taught me how to correct an intentional mistake. They should have told me if I want to be successful I cannot keep making such mistakes intentionally. But they disconnected themselves from their duty. They refused to teach me. They felt insult.

What should they do to correct their mistake?

They should make a notebook, what I learned from my mistakes. They should write down their mistakes in this notebook. On that day they should have written- I have felt insult, great people don’t feel insult, and they are above it. So, how to improve it? How to correct it? How to find the solution? If they take their feeling as positive. This is negative energy. If they bring positive energy and stop feeling negative. If they think that if student has made mistake, why should they also make mistake by feeling insult. IF a student has made mistake unintentionally, then it can be corrected. Why should I feel insult? So by positive method we can get rid of mistakes, feel happy. They have become 80 year old, yet they have not learned to be happy. Out of so many emotions they feel negative, feel insult, feel guilt, shame. God has given you this life to be happy, but you don’t want to be happy.

Bring stability of mind and be happy. How to bring this stability, by writing down your mistake in notebook.

How to improve your mistake?

By being positive.

2nd by being happy.

See the energy being consumed in insult. You shouldn’t feel insult instead apologize to student that you could not control your feeling even after being 80 years old. I was going to apologize them but I didn’t because I wrote in notebook about my mistake. I wrote that I am sorry for my mistake and I want to apologize, but teacher failed to see that student can feel this.

2nd Mistake Not teaching the student

If teacher made the mistake that he didn’t teach student, he should write in the notebook. If he realized that he would have come to teach, he would have called. But he didn’t do this. Even After many months it’s expected that student will come. You should realize this mistake and write in notebook. You discarded your student. If you want to improve than you must work hard. So write in your notebook that you didn’t teach your student. Now how will this mistake be improved? Teacher must go to student and teach him what went wrong, tell him his mistake and right method. So in this way both of them can improve their mistakes.

3rd Mistake - Not pardon to Student 

 Teacher must write his mistake of not forgiving student. How can he improve this mistake? He should also realize that he has made so many mistakes in life, god has been forgiving. I know what mistakes teachers did because they shared their experience with me, they stole things, and they didn’t go to school. They committed many mistakes, but God forgave them .They improved, they made progress. Teacher must think of student’s improvement, they must remember that god forgave them, so they must forgive their students. Teacher had habit of not forgiving, because he didn’t make habit of forgiving. He discarded his student of 10 years, both of them felt delight in sharing knowledge. So he must learn to forgive. Write in notebook and accept his mistake. Go to student and forgive him. So if we want to progress in life. Strengthen our mind .We must improve our mistakes. When teacher will see this video, he will tell me my mistakes. So I can correct and become better. I will learn to make more quality video. I have full faith in God. We must correct each other’s mistakes, if we don’t invest energy in this direction, we will catch the bad habit of not correcting mistakes, and I will not correct my mistakes. How will we grow in life?, how will we become great? We want to be great, we want to grow. So we must keep correcting our mistakes. Keep learning and growing.

This is the way to be great.


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