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Positive Thinking Course - Video Demo in English

Get Personal  Training for All Time Positive Thinking within 30 Days Course

One Time Fees of Course 

Rs. 4000  Rs. 2100

Description of Personal Training 

If you need my everyday personal help, you can enroll in this personal training program for all time positive thinking. You will have to pay one time fees for this. 
  • Check your Current Performance Relating to your positive thinking.
  • Give You Better Training Schedule for 30 days than above free demo which you have to follow. 
  • Evaluate Your Performance for Growth in positivity.
  • Give New Tips for Your improvement. 
  • Training will be either in English or Hindi Language
Positive Thinking Course Code : ns4yt-PTC

Description of Free Demo 

Dear Friends, Today I Will tell you about Magic of Big thinking. I recently studied the Book-THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG written by David J. Schwartz. If you want to buy same book, you can buy it from our online store. The message in book is that our thinking has great effect on our life.  If a Man wants to be successful then he must change his thinking.  Today we will see its magic. There are two types of thinking, one is positive and the other is negative. 

Whenever there is an event we think in two ways, either we think positive or we think negative. When there is positive thinking, there can be no negative thinking. Therefore, by changing your thinking you can achieve success. Let’s take an example, suppose today I go to a friend and ask him for a product which is cheap as well as quality. I ask him to help me find this product. Now, he may think either positive or negative, if he thinks positive then how, one thought will lead to another. 

Positive thinking of Same Event

1. First thinking : First he will think of helping me, one should help other people. God also helps people, so I must also help him. He will do it without any gain, just like god who helps millions of people.

2. Second thinking : Second he will think of sharing his knowledge. Give knowledge and increase knowledge.  He will do this thinking that this will also increase his knowledge. May be I go to shop and learn some new knowledge about shop .This is a good way of thinking.

3 Third thinking :  Third he will think that he will also get help from me. When we help others then we can hope that people will help us too. Parents help the child grow; it is duty of the child to help his parents.  This is positive law of universe.

4. Fourth thinking : Fourth he will think it will increase Goodwill. When a person does selfless service then it increases goodwill.I will also praise a person who gave me a quality product at cheap price. His reputation will increase. 

5. Fifth thinking : Fifth he will think of increasing his trust. When a person helps someone, it increases the trust. He wants to be in Unity. If I purchase an item after his advice, I will trust him for providing me great value. I will be ready to help him and give time whenever he needs. 

Negative thinking of Same Event

Now the problem is this magic works but the person forgets this and thinks negative. One negative thought leads to another.

 1. First thinking : He thinks why he should help. Why should he help me buy a good quality item without gain? This is negative thinking. He thinks why he should share knowledge without gain of money? He doesn’t want to help. It is negative and cheap thinking, he doesn’t want others to make progress. He is filled with jealousy. He thinks of gaining money first.  It’s necessary to change this thinking. 

 2. Second thinking : Then he thinks that he got this knowledge with so much pain, so why should he give it free to others.  He wants others to suffer pain.  A Flower is above thorns. Remove the thorns and present the flower only. But he wants people to feel pain; there is a saying that we should not harm others if we can’t help them. 

3. Third thinking : Lack of trust, He doesn’t trust anyone, He thinks if he will tell people about the place where good quality product is available, then they will forget him. He doesn't trust people. He doesn't believe in unity, and doesn't know its power. So these are the two ways of thinking, one is positive and other is negative, now you have to decide which way to go. If you think positive more positive thoughts will come to you.  I can guarantee this. 


Just once bring one positive thought; you will not have any negative thought. Try to bring positive thoughts every day, every hour, every second. There will be magic in your mind. It will think positive. You will succeed everywhere, in business, in study, in your home and in your life because a positive thinking person spreads his fragrance in society. Keep spreading positivity. Thank you.

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