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Om Parkash

Shri Om Parkash Ji is retired as Circle Superintendent of  Water Supply and Sanitation Department of State Govt ( 30-6- 2006).  He completed his B.Com degree in 1970. He started his Career with office Assistant in Private Company in 1970. In 14 April 1971, he selected for State Govt. service as Account Assistant. After this, he never saw back and he provided his best services in Govt. department with honestly and dedication  for 35 years. Now, he spends more time in the devotion of Lord Shri Krishna..

In these 35 years, he gained Following skills and experience :

1. Administration 

As circle superintendent, he was responsible for administration. He appointed and transferred lots of districts. With his accurate knowledge of govt. rules and regulations, he managed all the departments in which he was appointed.

2. Management of Accounts Department 

 Main :  Payroll, EPF, Gratuity, Pension management, Other welfare works of employees, Fund management, Cash management, Budget, tender management, Capital Budgeting.

3) Auditing the Other Govt. Departments

Division and Sub- division office.

4) Taxation 

He was also responsible to manage taxation through TDS on Salary and payment to Contractors.

5) Solution Provider of the Problem of Govt. letters

Sometime, Govt. ministers demand the urgent information or solution of the problem of their letters. At that time, he worked as a troubleshooter.

6) HR Duty of Accounting Department 

For appointment of new workers and employees, he was the member of HR Committee.

7) Central govt. projects

He also handled some big Central Govt. Projects.

8) Meeting with sub-division engineers at division level and meeting executive engineers at circle level.

Time to Time

9) Proper guidance to the sub division offices from division office.

Time to Time

His Strengths 

(a) Disciplined 

(b) harmony among the employees

 (c)  promptness works (d) Observant

(e) Caring of govt. property

(f) Patience

(g) Dedicated to duty

(h)  Flexible

(i) Tactful

(j) honesty

 (k) Religious

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