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How to Increase Concentration Memory & Focus for Study?

Every student wants to increase the concentration, memory and focus for study but very few succeeded for achieving this goal. Why? i...

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Find Rank of Matrices Part 1 - Hindi

Saturday, June 08, 2019 / No Comments

This is the part one of finding rank of any matrix. Explanation in simple hindi

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What is Matrix? Hindi

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Matrix is a system of m n numbers arranged in the form of an ordered set of m rows and ordered n columns. it is called m x n matrix and it is covered by two brackets.

Sabut Masoor ki Daal Kaise Banaye

Friday, June 07, 2019 / No Comments

Following are the simple steps to make Sabut Masoor ki Daal

1. Rat ko sabut masoor ko bhigo kr rkh le lgbhag ek ktori.
2. Fir first karayi mein tel, masala, namak va pyaj, adrak va thum bhun le
3. Fir, es mein kte hue tamator 1 dal de.
4. Esko galne de.
5. Fir masoor ki sabut daal dale.
6. Esko kuch time gas per rkhe. va pani dal de avshakta anusar lgbhag ek ktori mein 2 glass
7. Check kre after some time if yh gl gyi to yh app ki bn gyi sabut masoor ki daal.

Sabut Moong ki Daal Kaise Banaye - Part 2

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In second part, we will learn

1. Add other massala

2. Add sabut mung

3. Add water in it

4.  Heat upto boil it.

5. Now your sabut moong ki dal is ready.

Book Reference : Vegetarian Cooking Book

Sabut Moong ki Daal Kaise Banaye - Part 1

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In first part of this learning

1. Keep sabut moong in water for night.

2. Cut

Pyaj 1

4 pieces of lehsun

Tamater 1

1 inch adark pieces

3. Add small oil of sarso in karayi

4. Add ajvayan and kira in it and heat for 10 seconds.

5. Add pyaj , adrak and thum , namak and haldi in it and heat upto redish of pyaj

6. Add tamator in it and tamator va anya ko galne do

Book Reference : Vegetarian Cooking Book

How to Make Finger Chips at Home in Hindi

Wednesday, June 05, 2019 / No Comments

You have the power and resource for making finger chips. But you do not have knowledge. Our expert Ashwani has knowledge. So, watch this video and get proper guidance for making finger chips at home in simple Hindi language.

How to Make Moong Dal Ke Pakode | hindi

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1. Buy sabat moong from market.
2. At the time of evening, keep it in water.
3. Mixture it in the mixture after withdrawing it from water in next morning.
4. Add namak and thania.
5. Heat the oil in karai.
6. Make small raw pakode in karai.
7. Wait upto small brown color.
Now ,it is ready to eat.

How to Make Fried Turiya and Ghiya | Hindi

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1. Uncover triya and ghiya vegetables.
2. Cut it in small pieces.
3. Add 2 or 3 spoon of oil and black salt and haldi in it.
4. Fried it on heat.
5. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes

How to Make Churma at Home in Hindi

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Our cooking expert Ashwani will show his talent of cooking by giving lecture about making of churma at home in simple hindi language.

Churma is a healthy dish. Not any complex to make it. You need just wheat floor, gas, pure oil and all things he explained with its quantity and whole system and steps you may note in your notebook and enjoy to make it and gain a new skill and healthy food for emergency.

How to Make Aloo ka Paratha Better Way

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1. Add small besan in aloo ke paratha, it will join aloo with atta and it will be healthy.
2. If you want dry aloo ka paratha, then, you must fry the besan and then add it in aloo ke parathe.

How to Make Til Ate vale laddu

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If you want to buy these pure laddu, please comment below.

Following are the simple steps of making til ate vale laddu.

1. Get atta 2 kgs. + ghee 1 lt + gur 1 kgs
2. sabse pehle aap ne atte mein tel va pani dal kar bhunana hai . Usmein gore nahi banana dena. Fir us ko channana. Uske bad esko bhunana hai. Fir esmein gur ki pat dalni hai va ladu aap ke tiyar hai.

How to Make Sponge Rasgulla at Home

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Today, our Cooking Team Ashwani, his wife and his brother's daughter's daughter are showing their talent by making sponge rasgulla at home. Ashwani has spoken the steps in Hindi and his brother's daughter's daughter has spoken in English. Enjoy and fun and try to use their talent for making

Bhindi ki Sabji Kaise Banaye Jate Hai

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Aye aj hmare expert app ko desi ghee mein bhindi ki sabji kaise banaye jate hai yeh sikhayege.

1. 1/2 kgs bhindi pani mein dho kr chote chote kat lo
2. 2 ya 4 pay bhi chote chote kat lo
3. Tamator bhi dho kr 2 ya 4 kat lo
4.Sabse pehle 6 chamach desi ghee dal kr masala va payaj bhune
5. Jb payaj brawn ho jaye to tamator va adrak dale
6. Esko 1 to 2 minutes bhunne de
7. Ab kti hue bhindi dale
8. Esko charo pase ghumaye
9. Gas slow kr de
10. Es ko 15 minute aag per rkhe

Appp ki bhindi ki sabji ready hai. Khaye va moj kre.


How to Make Kaju ki Barfi

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Our Expert Ashwani Ji will teach you today about the method of making natural kaju ki barfi. You need to buy kaju of Rs. 50, Khope ka powder Rs. 20, Milk of Rs. 10, Elachi of Rs. 10 and take small shaker also. Grind all these things in the mixi. Your kaju ki barfi is ready. Be healthy after eating it.

How to Increase Concentration Memory & Focus for Study?

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 / No Comments

Every student wants to increase the concentration, memory and focus for study but very few succeeded for achieving this goal. Why? it means lots of techniques of focus and concentration and memories are not practical for students which they read online because there are many issues of students' side if he or she will solve, it is sure, they increase concentration, memory and focus automatically.

Following are the list which you have to read and follow them

How to Overcome Stress and Focus on Studies

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 / No Comments

Dear Students, today, we will teach you, "How to overcome study stress?". India is the biggest country where students are studying even from foreign students are also coming but as per Indian Govt. Record 31 Million people are jobless. Why? It means, students have the stress and did not have self confidence in study and after study to stand on own foot and be jobless like we go to buy the market a LED bulb but even after paying its money, we receive fuse bulb. What is the benefit of this?

So, you have to learn the simple step to overcome the stress in studies and get success as the life of student.

1st Step : Overcome the Fear 

If any student is giving more burden of study, it means, he has started to fear from study. Do you know who control the brain. Brain is controlled by mind. If there is fear in the mind, it means, he can not get success in studies. 

Now his biggest fear are following 

Whether I will pass in the classroom or not

Whether I will get good marks or not.

If my marks are not good, what will of my future.

He is also thinking negative that my future will spoil if I will not get good marks.

Whether I will get first division in this class or not. I had got first division in my class or in my school or in my college. So, I have more pressure on my brain to this competition. 

All will make him or her a fearful student. He or she is full of anxiety in his or her mind. Due to this, he or she is unable to focus in study. 

This fear has come from his or her Ignorance. No teacher and no parent is educating it. So, today, I have taken the responsibility to teach to all students who have stress to give this great knowledge.

Dear Student, attention please for my knowledge


These are the 16 words and if you remember it all time, you can change your life. Whether you pass in school or college examination, you may be failure in the life regarding your career. Whether you fail in the school or college examination, you may be successful in the life and regarding your career. 

You first think, why are you studying the books and study in the school. You want to get success in the life but there is not connection of it with your study results. If there is connection with it 31 MILLION people have also degree in India but still they are job less. In past they are taking useless study stress and now they are taking career stress. Whole blood has consumed to give food to own ignorance of mind that is called stress. 

I give two example

1. One is Thomas Alva Edison, The Great scientist of the world

Thomas Alva Edison is great because he had invented more than 1000 inventions in his life and he had its patent in his own name. He did not went to school and there is no formal academic education. His teacher suspended him from school because he asked lots of questions and disturbed the class. So, he had learned only from mother and write each answer of his each question himself and became extra ordinary expert of science and in every area of science, he invented lots of new secrets. 

One of great his invention is electrical bulb. He had invented it and today, we see its light in our home. 

Success is counted from the curiosity of mind and understanding ability of its answer. 

I am international psychologist also. But I did not learn psychology from any school or college. 

If you are real successful person, you have to explain what did you do in your life for success.

For example, I have made 200 videos to curing all the disease which is chronic and need surgery but I treated it with natural way and my skill of psychology. 

2. Second is the Great Rishi Muni, Bhagat, Saint of OLD India

There are 4 ved and its knowledge came in the mind and brain of Great 4 rishi of India and he got this knowledge directly from God and these four veda are so valid and base of all scientific inventions.

All these rishi munis and saint and bhagat of OLD india did not get any degree from any school, college or university. They remember the God and all knowledge, they got. 

They never think pas or fail in any exam. and they succeeded and achieved four veda knowledge for us. All scientists are now researching on these 4 veda after getting phd from different universities of the world. 

Maharashi Dayanand ji told that all truthful knowledge is in Veda.

Sant kabir ji never went to school

10 Guru ji did not go to school. They only focus on the truthfulness, thankfulness, forgiveness, gratitude and remember the God. They all became Bhrahmgyani. This is success.

Now, forget pass and fail. Whether you will pass or fail in the classroom, never take its tension.

You went to school for learning and failure is very necessary for learning. 

2nd Step : Focus to Understand the Concept

For increasing the focus to understand concepts, you need to focus on breathing and start to yog before study with 5 : 5 : 5 seconds formula for 5 : 5 : 5 in day formula

Five second takes the oxygen

Five second stop to breathe

Five second send outside carbon dioxide

You have to repeat this in morning, afternoon and evening and it will increase your focus to understand the concept. Reason of this is very clear. You will got more oxygen in your brain. Brain cell will more active to absorb the concept and understand fastly. Your decision making ability will increase. 

3rd Step. Focus on Increase of Self Confidence

It is very important to increase your self confidence and self confidence will increase with the focus on biggest goal of life. For example, if you want to go to defense, you need first own peace of mind. What will give you peace of mind to whole world when your own peace of mind is zero. Like this, every profession needs, your own biggest goal of life and you have to define it and remember it. It will decrease your self confidence and decrease the stress in your mind. 

4th Step. Increase the Focus on the Topic 

You always focus on the topic instead to study whole subject or subjects. Start to minor concept and go forward and grow your potential to study all. If you did not clear the concept of any specific topic. Stop to go forward. Do first understand to it. Ok, you will fail if you will not learn who subject. It is ok no problem. But without understanding the topic, if you will go forward, you will get life time study stress disease. Get freedom by understanding only one topic because whole subject is connected with a single topic of it. 

Read More at HERE

How to Get Rid of Masturbation and Focus on Study

Saturday, March 30, 2019 / No Comments

Masturbation is big addiction and more harmful than all addiction because if you are addicted of masturbation, you will unable to focus on your study. It will damage you spiritually, mentally and from your health point of view. Both your semen and sperm will die due to this bad habit and you will physically weak and mentally disable to learn or focus on your study. So, learn how to  Get Rid of Masturbation and Focus on Study.

1. First know the semen for immune system 

Semen is most important for immune system. If you are healthy, your focus on study will good. Because your immune system will protect your health.

You will not get fever, cough and cold easily

You will not get in the track of any disease.

So, understand the power of semen for your health and stop Masturbation

2. Change the flow of sex energy to wastage of semen to hard exercise 

You are doing this because you have the sex energy. Use it doing hard exercise.

There are following benefits of hard workout and exercises

a) Physically, you will strong

b) From mind, you will get strength

c) Sex energy will consume

d) With physical power and confidence, you will easily focus on study

3. Stop to give food of sex material to mind.

It is must stop porn and other sex material. Learn, its step at here

4. Stop to give feed,  salt and sweet to body.

Both salt and artificial sweet is harmful and create negative harmons in the body. Stop  excess dose in the form of namkeen and mithayi

5. Start to see beauty of God behind the beauty of physical body.

If you will open this eye of God behind the beauty of physical body, you can start to see same god in the books and you will start to love its knowledge and respect.

6. Start to spend time in other good activities like pray of God and reading good books

Never too read only your school books, pray of god is must. Read other motivational and good books are also important to make good habits.

How to Get Over to My Porn Addiction to Focus on My Study?

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If you want to get over to your porn addiction to focus on your study,  you have to work  on my strategy. With this, you will get success to get over  your porn addiction. All successful students  has followed this strategy.

1. Determine Your Biggest Goal of your life 

Still you are student but why are you study. Study is not important and reason of study is important. Millions students every year studies but why? If you determined your life's biggest goal from today. Porn will be remove from your life. A student will see only biggest goal all the time. Only student who did not have the biggest goal will spend the life in porn and wasted his or her very important time.

2. Follow Great personalities as your The Role Models  who have achieved so many things in your area.

Read the biographies of great personalities of the world and try to become like them and only with this, you can get over and otherwise no chance.

3. Arrange a Meeting with their Souls through Imagination of Mind

If you have some role models in your life. Meet you with their soul and request to solve your problem. Their souls will guide you and you have to walk on their path.

4. Start Conversation and tell your all problems and difficulties who are the barrier to overcome this porn addiction. You will get great suggestion in your mind.

Your role model's soul will solve your all problems. Just focus and practice to go in meditation and demand the best solution for your growth in right path.

5. Stop to eat sexual desire maker food like salt, sugar, non-veg.,eggs, oily food, food on fired and gas, cold water, smoking, alcohol.

Stop all other bad habits first instead stopping porn. If no other bad habit, it will also not live. This bad habit enjoys with other bad habits. Full purity means no chance, it will come in your mind.

6. Start to educate your mind

When you see opposite sex start to say if you are male

She is my mother and I am her son.

If you are female

He is my father and I am his daughter.

7. Start to focus on positive mental attitude

Instead running from problem. Start to face the problem and win with positive mental attitude and with this, you can real relief of your stress.

8. Start to do hard exercise morning and evening and Pray of God is must

Daily do exercise hard and also pray of God morning and evening.

How to Be Positive in Classroom to Focus on My Study?

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Classroom negativity is main reason of failure of student. Many students which fails can easily gives the excuses that their all classmates are so negative and that is reason, he became negative and did not get success as student. Following tips will be helpful to make you all time positive in classroom if you will follow these tips

1st Tip : Stop Ego

Without ego, you can get negativity from anywhere. With ego, you have the dust in mind and it attracts dust from outside negativity.  For example,

Your friend says, he is more intelligent than you.

You say, no, I am. From this, you started to compare your intelligency with your student intelligency because ego is in your mind and ego is in your classmate's mind. Both ego fights each other and anger will come and talk will reach at the point of fight. So, best solution is stop ego by bringing politeness by saying.

I am nothing. I have nothing. Nothing is mine. What I have, is the blessing of God, my parents and my Guruji. If you are intelligent. Be happy with this. Simple solution. Speak to polite and give credit to your all supporters.

2nd Tip : Stop Connect with Negative Student

All students never be negative. You see all students negative because your mind is full of negativity. First of all disconnect with bad students which are addicted of drugs, smoking or any other things. Never talk or sit with them and then always focus to give support weak students in study. Listen what they have remembered. Help them to remember the concept. It will give you happiness and increase your self confidence as leader. Leadership and confidence are main element of positivity.

3rd Tip : Love with You All Classmates

Never bring hate with negative students.

First behave them with love.

If unable, focus on truth only. If any student has cheated with you or spoke lie. Never speak with him. He is bad quality of untruthfulness. Still love in your mind regarding him and pray of god for his improvement.

Love and truthfulness are both are the quality of positivity.

Watch following video for understanding above concept in detail

How Can I Get Rid of Sex Thoughts and Focus on Study?

Friday, March 29, 2019 / No Comments
Question by Student

How Can I Get Rid of Sex Thoughts  and Focus on Study?

Answer by Me

Thoughts are very important for your own idea and imagination for success of biggest goal of your life. Sex thoughts are also not exception. You can not stop it. It is natural but you can easily to change your focus. Very simple. See very clear what are these sex thoughts. Are equal to boiling milk bubbles. Yes. Now, stop to focus on it. If you will focus, it will increase the bubble and end will be with blast. So, you will waste the time.

I did not say to focus on study. If you are thinking on sex, you will not focus on study. Yes, you just focus on your sex thoughts reality. When you will understand the reality, you will not focus on it. Like if you see the water on the far place in summer but when you will reach, you will see nothing. Sex thoughts are just like this. It does not any existence. It will only barrier in your ideas and imagination.

I have explained it with following video tutorial. Watch it now and understand

How Can I Get Rid of Sex Attachment and Focus on Study?

Thursday, February 14, 2019 / No Comments
Question by Student

How can I get rid of sex attachment and focus on study?

Answer by me

Sex attachment is one box of your all sex thinkings out of your millions of your negative thinking. Every negative thinking is lie because when you trust on it, you gets wrong results.

For example your anger thinking is a lie. You took action on it and fight with boss and broke Rs. 1 lack new laptop, you broke and you waste only your Rs. 1 lack from your salary deduction.

It means not only sex thinking, all negative thinking are lie and it will waste your time, energy and money.

Now, you have to focus if I will continue thinking about sex, it will only encourage me speak more lie in future because if my parent or my teacher will ask from me , “ where is your focus, I will speak lie. That my health is not good but reality is that your mind is full of bomb sex thoughts and it has convert in sex attachment. Every time, you speak lie and make 1000 lie for hiding old lie. Due to this lie, you become dishonest in study duty.

Study needs big amount of truthful focus and honesty. If you will bring only speaking truth, you can become a successful student.


Your parent has told what are you doing in room alone with mobile or laptop.

Speak truth, I am seeing porn and sex videos.

Now, good parent will do his honest duty and disconnect whole internet upto the time when he or she will not achieve success as student by top in whole nation.

Your teacher asked question where is your focus.

Speak truth, I am making sex plan with my girl friend or my boyfriend.

A truthful teacher will pride on you that you have bad addiction but you spoke truth. Teacher will guide you and give you biggest goal in life for next 10 years to become scientist and bring your name as noble prize winner and I will allow you to sex with your girlfriend or boyfriend from before this year girl friend or boyfriend is your only this big goal. Do sex with it daily day and night 24 hrs. Think about it daily. You are so truthful student. You are honest student and from this point, your life will transform. You will focus on truthful duty of teacher. You will start to truthful focus in your goal. You will think your biggest goal of life and one day you will win noble prize. When you have reached at this biggest point and won noble prize.  whole girlfriend or boyfriend wants to sex with you because every girlfriend and boyfriend is failure and cheater but you have no taste in them because during spending time in truthful life, you will understand all love affairs are false. All sex attachment are lie. It is spoken only by cheaters and dishonest people.

More explanation is in my following video. Watch now and overcome sex attachment and increase focus in study.

4 Biggest Mistakes in Welding

Saturday, December 15, 2018 / No Comments

Video Creator : Hira Singh

Skills : Welding Skills

Book Reference : Welding Book in Hindi

Personal Service of Expert : Contact Us

Our Expert has experience in welding more than 10 years. Now, he will share 4 biggest mistakes in welding work. If you will repeat these mistakes, you can get injury or loss. So, better is to avoid from lesson of our expert.

1st mistake : Note focus on welding project

2nd Mistake : Laziness

3rd Mistake : Not Wearing Anak

4th Mistake : Not Care of Safety

How to Make Mong Ki Dal Ka Chilla

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Video Creator : Ekta 

Skills : Cooking Skills

Book Reference : Vegetarian Cooking Book

Today our expert will teach you simple and more practical steps with her voice and action for making Mong Ki Dal Ka Chilla.

4 Biggest Mistakes in Electrical Installation

Thursday, December 13, 2018 / No Comments

Video Creator : Surjeet Singh

Skills : Electrical Skills

Book Reference : Electrical Books in Hindi Set

Following are 4 Biggest Mistakes in Electrical Installation. Our expert Surjeet Singh has explained in simple hindi language.

1st Biggest Mistake. Not to be focused during Electrical Installation.

2nd Biggest Mistake. Negligence of Electrical Worker during Electrical Installation.

3rd Biggest Mistake. Not Accept mistake and learn its improvement.

4th Mistake. Not recommend to Customer to increase overload before increasing the usage of electricity in house or business office.

How to make Rajesthani Curry

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Video Creator : Ekta 

Skills : Cooking Skills

Book Reference : Vegetarian Cooking Book

Do you want to eat Rajesthan curry, then watch this video. In this video, our expert has taught all practical steps to make best Rajesthani Curry in her simple hindi language.

4 Biggest Mistakes of Plastering

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 / No Comments

Video Creator : Surinder Singh

Skills : Construction Skills

Reference Book : Raj Mistri ka Kam Sikhane Vali Book

1. Some plastering worker do not wet the wall before plastering, with this, there will the decrease in quality. 2. Make the powder of mixture before adding water in cement and reta. 3. If the wall is over wet, then, we have to dry with cement before adding plastering cement. 4. Some worker do not make the level of plastering through their equipment. Due to this, quality will decrease.

How to Make Gur ke Laddu

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Video Creator : Divya

Skills : Cooking Skills

Reference Book : Vegetable Cooking Book

 1. Collect material : Atta 2 Kgs. + 1/4 ltr. desi ghee + 1 ltr. oil + gur 1 kg 2. Fry the atta and make its small parts 3. Keep it in whole night 4. Next day, again fry. 5. Make chasni of gur 6. add atta in chasni 7. Use small heat and and then by hand convert it into gur ke laddu.

How to Make Vegetable Pulao

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Video Creator : Ekta 

Skills : Cooking Skills

Book Reference : Vegetarian Cooking Book

Today, our new cooking expert will explain the simple steps to make Vegetable Pulao in her simple Hindi with effective imagination. 

How to Sue a Contractor

Monday, December 10, 2018 / No Comments

As the administrator of govt. department, you can sue a contractor for

a) damage

b) breach of contract

c) unfinished work under deadline of time.

or any other reasons.

There is a systematic procedure which our expert will teach you in this video. Follow it if you want to get damage or claim from contractor through the order of court.

Video Creator  : Om Parkash 

Administration Skills

How to Make Civil License in India

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If you want to make civil license in India, you need to do graduate in civil engineer and apply  Civil License the given authority in the video by expert with valid form and fees and you will get  Civil License from same authority and you will be a valid civil license no. for future contracts as professional civil contractor.

Video Creator : Om Parkash 

Administration Skills

How to Choose Best Contractor in India

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For choosing best contractor in India, our expert has given some useful tips in simple Hindi. It will be helpful for you.

Video Creator : Om Parkash

 Administration Skills 

How to Repair Iron Gate with Welding

Friday, December 07, 2018 / No Comments

1. First of all if there is already welding on scrap part, we will clean it with cutter.
2. Then, we take the small iron plate and then we use our welding material for weld it.

Video Creator : Hira Singh

Education : Welding Skills

Professional Bodybuilder Interview

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Recently, we took the interview of a professional bodybuilder. In his interview, he told that they should do the hard work for becoming bodybuilder. To leave drugs is also necessary.

Video Creator : Sunny Singh 

Career as Computer Operator

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Today, my one student came in my home for meeting with me. He is now a computer operator in reputed organisation from more than one year. So, I have taken interview. In this video, he will tell you some important tips for the better job of computer operator.

Video Creator : Malkeet Singh 

How to Calculate Excise Duty

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Recently, one of my student met to me who has practical experience for calculating and filling the return of excise duty. So, I took his interview for sharing some useful tips for calculating excise duty. Hope, it will useful for new accountants.

Video Creator : Kamal Singh 

How to Remove Wrinkles Naturally

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If you are removing your face wrinkles through chemicals products, it will lose both your face and money. So, as per our teacher's guide, use free and natural products for removing your wrinkles. You can use milk+ salt or Lemon Juice for removing your wrinkles.

Video Creator : Sonam

Skill : Make up 

How to Grow Hair Longer

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Today, our teacher will explain the tips for growing hair longer in short period.

Video Creator : Sonam 

Skill : Make up 

How to do Natural Makeup of Skin

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Today, our expert teacher will teach you some tips to do natural makeup of skin without getting any side-effects.

Video Creator : Sonam

Skill : Make up

How to Save Hairs from Falling Naturally

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Today, our expert teacher will teach you some tips to save hairs from falling naturally without using any chemical medicine.

Video Creator : Sonam

Skill : Make up 

How to Do Beautiful Face Remedy

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Everybody in today's world dreams to get a beautiful face because face is best tool for showing your confidence and smile of success. So, today our expert teacher will teach you, how can you use natural remedies like Rice, Gram-flour, Turmeric and Massage for keeping healthy and beautiful your face.

Remember : Never use chemical or synthetic cream, it will never make your face beautiful but it will increase acne and dark spots on the face.

Video Creator : Sonam

Skill : Make up 

how to Repair Bike Shocker / Shocks - Part 1

Monday, December 03, 2018 / No Comments

If there is any dig and if you cross, if you feel voice when your bike will cross it, it means, your bike need to repair its shokers. We need to add the oil in it. Today, our Gyani Shoker Team will teach its all steps.

Video Creator : Sardar Gyani Singh 

How to Start the Business of Milk Selling in India

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Business of milk starts from Rs. 1 Lakh. You also have to buy vehicle, gives some advance to dairy farmers who will supply the milk. Now, you have to sell only fresh milk in the market and after deducting all expenses, you can get your profit.

Video Creator : Rakesh Kumar 

How can a Blind Person Successful in Life | Great Motivational Lecture

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In our Indian Talent Show studio, we have invited Surinder Singh Sindhu. who is blind since the age of 12 years but he studied higher education , Got 4 diploma, Get Govt. Job in Chandigarh , married and have two kids. All was done without eyes. So, it is his great talent which he has shared with us.

He explained the simple steps of getting success without eyes. For all blinds, he is Really great example. If you want to do. You can do. Physical disability is not barrier for your success.

Video Creator : Surinder Singh Sindhu

Why Does West people Come in Punjab

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People from west are coming in punjab for working. I have the friend who has come in punjab from Ghohati . Main aim of coming is to hard work and earn money for feeding food to their children.

How to Start Internet Cafe in India

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Learn the simple steps to start internet cafe in India.

Video Creator : Pankaj

Certified Financial Planner Course in India ( Details )

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Learn about management of Certified Financial Planner Course in India this Svtuition video. 

Video Creator : Pardeep Dhingra

Teaching of Sanskrit | Part 1

Friday, November 30, 2018 / No Comments

Our expert teacher has started teaching by telling the meaning of two popular shalok of sanskrit.

1st Sanskrit shlok meaning : Everything is from God. So, always pray of God.
2nd Sanskrit shlok : Kindness and humble is great quality of the world.

Video Creator : Aryan Pande  

Class  6

Subject : Sanskrit 

What is Java?

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Our expert who is MCA and knowledge in computer. He will explain the java in simple hindi words. It is computer language. With this, we can make any software of any type.

How to Learn Harmonium at Home

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Learn harmonium from expert.

Video Creator : Gurpreet Singh

Skill : Music


Find HCF of 4052 and 12576 by Euclid's Algorithm | Class 10 Maths

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I tried to explain how can you find HCF of 4052 and 12576 by Using Euclid's Division Algorithm. You know Euclid's Division Algorithm is a =bq+ r In this video, I have tried this formula to find the HCF or GCF or HCD which is 4.

Video Creator : Vinod Kumar

Class 10

Subject Maths  

How to Remove Shuttering from Concrete

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Following are the simple steps of "How to Remove Shuttering from Concrete?" 1. Remember in Mind : You have to pay the big price of your mistakes To remove shuttering from concrete slab or base is most difficult work for builder and its labourers team because builder and labourers have to work below the concrete slab. If there is mistake in it, its price is the life of member of team. 2. Learned from Experts : Watch Video and Learn from these two professional So, this construction work must be learned practical. There is no theory role in it. So, our this 20+ minute video will explain everything by doing practical. After this, it will be risk free and easy for you.

Video Creator : Gurdev Singh  

How to Train Horse for Jumping

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 If you want to train horse for long jump, you need to follow simple steps 1. Run fast the horse 2. With high speed. Horse will get energy to jump long 3. You can also give small punishment if horse is slow near long jump place. 

Video Creator : Sumit Kumar

How to Ride on Horse

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Horse riding is great fun and enjoyable. It will give you happy moment. But if you do not know horse riding, it may be risky for you. So, today, we are learning from the horse riding training expert who is rider of horse from long time. He will explain how can you sit on horse, how can you steer of horse, how can you speed the horse, how can you brake the horse and how can you back your horse during travelling.

Video Creator : Sumit Kumar  

How to Make Wooden Sofa at Home

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For making wooden sofa, you need to follow following steps. 1. Make the frame of wooden sofa. 2. Add spring on wooden frame of sofa. 3. Include the coconut leaves scrap 4. Cover sofa with bright and beautiful cover.

Video Creator : Baldev Singh  

How to Use Mustard Oil

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There are many uses of serso ka tel. Sanchet arya will explain 3 best use of it. Learn and use in home.
Video Creator : Sanchet Arya 

How to Find Default in Submersible Pump Panel

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Our Electrical expert Surjeet Singh has today given us the knowledge of finding default in  Submersible Pump Panel.

First of all open its cover, see its connection plate.

a) If it is loose, it will be defaulted piece from company. It will give side-effect to motor. It will also short the wire and motor will not operate.

Just go to company dealer and get a new Submersible Pump Panel

Video Creator : Surjeet Singh 

How to Connect Inverter to Switch Board

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If you want to connect inverter to switch board. You just join the plus phase of wire with the button in the switch board. For example, you have to operate fan with inverter. So, you have to cut plus phase of direct electricity. Attach plus phase of inverter wire. Add minus phase with it. Now, enjoy fan which will operate with your inverter.

Video Creator : Jatinder Kumar 

How does Inverter Wires Works

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From many times, this is the basic question which was coming in mind because in my office, I have connected my whole office with inverter but I did not know why one more inverter wire attach with electricity and inverter. So, I discussed these questions with my expert electrician who have solve all my problems.

Video Created by : Gurpreet Singh 

Accounting Rules in Tamil

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In this Introductory Accounting Lecture, I have taught basics of debit and credit. I also explain the "How to Make Journal Entries by Understanding Debit and Credit?" This is my first high quality video lecture on the accounting topic series.

Video Dubbed in Tamil by : Uday Chandran 

Bad Debts Journal Entry in Tamil

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In this Introductory Accounting Lecture, I have taught basics of debit and credit of Bad Debts journal entry. 

Video Dubbed in Tamil by : Uday Chandran

How to use Soap?

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Following way, you can use the soap.

1. You can fill your nails with soap powder and you can engage in painting activity. After this, you can withdraw soap powder from your nails. There will not pain or color in it.

2. You can use wasted soap for cleaning your bathroom wall tiles.

3. If there is the tightness of window, you can loose it with soap.

4. If your jeans chain's jip has tight, you can loose it with soap.

Video Creator :  Sanchet Arya  

How to Open Tape?

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Nishant Arya has explained his talent by telling two simple tricks to open the tape from wall and from itself.

Open Tape from Wall : Press it with heat

Open Tape from itself : Keep tape sometime in freeze and now its corner will open from itself.

Video Creator : Nishant Arya

Subject : Home Tips

Buy Best quality one roll of Tape 

How to Prove Radian is a Constant Angle

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In this trigonometry lecture, Our teacher Respected Subash Ji will teach you the steps to prove radian is a constant angle.

Video Created by : Prof. Subash

Class : Class 11

Subject : Maths

Introduction to Trigonometry

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Today is our great day. Today, our teacher Respected Subash Ji has come to School's classroom and has given the basic introduction of trigonometry. I learned mathematics from same teacher in my 10+1 and 10+2 (commerce) in 1996 to 1998. On our simple request, he has given lectures in our Svtuition - A Free Online Virtual School. He has more than 40 years experience of teaching of mathematics.

Video Created by : Prof. Subash

Class : Class 11

Subject : Maths