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How to Transfer Files from One Mobile to Other Mobile with Bluetooth

Vinod Kumar

This "How to Transfer Files from One Mobile to Other Mobile with Bluetooth" has taught my student. Hope, you will like it and understand whole system. Thanks.

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  • Disadvantages of Eating Eggs

    Vinod Kumar

     God has not made eggs for your food. Eggs are made by God for creation of hens and Fowl
    which protects the eco-system of nature and environment. So, first disadvantage is to distrub this eco-system of nature and environment. By eating eggs, we disturb work of nature. Once this ecosystem will disturb large scale, we can see the horrible and dangerous results in the environment.

    Other heath disadvantages are following. 

    1.  Asthma 

    Researchers worldwide have discovered that eating eggs regularly - one or two servings weekly - may increase  the risk of diseases ranging from asthma.

    Regular consumption of eggs can increase  the risk of various diseases and disorders. Selected research findings indicate the following:

    2. Brain and Eye Disease

    All those who eat the eggs can face the brain and eyes disease because eggs is very dangerous for this.  Due to this, all brain and eyes disease will happens to those who will eat the eggs.

    3. Cancer 

    There is also more chance of cancer who eats the eggs because human body can not digest the eggs. Undigested eggs in the body will give the result of cancer.

    4. Cardiovascular disease

    A person who eats the eggs will face the risk of heart disease because eggs decreases the supply of oxygen to the heart. Due to this, blood vessel will become weak. It also increases the cholesterol. If you want to save from heart disease, start to drink cow milk only for 30 days.

    5. Depression

    One of disadvantage of eating eggs is that the person who eats it will feel depression.

    6. Diabetes 

    Fish will increase your diabetes.

    7. Low Eyesight

    Breastfed babies of mothers who eat eggs have face the problem of low  eyesight, there is also risk that their baby will bear with low eyesight.

    In end, I also want to say that eggs is not human food. Human food is fruits and green vegetables. For more protein, you can use cow milk and cheese.

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    How to Write FIR for Theft

    Vinod Kumar
    Theft  is crime and it is done by criminals. It decreases your assets. These assets were taken by thieves without your permission in your absence or without your notice even you are present in same place. Without your assets, you can not survive your life. Law protects you from theft. Law punishes all the thieves. For this, it is your duty to register your FIR in the police station in case someone theft your asset, cash, goods or property.

    What is FIR?

    FIR is the first information  report. You have to give the written application for register the FIR, after this, police will take the action against thief. 

    What is the Need of Registering the FIR for theft?

    As per law, it is your duty to safeguard your assets from theft  but sometime, thieves are clever from you. So, when thieves has taken your asset through theft, contact your near police station and notify them by written FIR.  Only after this, police will capture the thieves.

    Following is the sample of application.


    The Incharge of Police,

    Name of City.

    Respected Officer,

    During the travelling ( or what is your reason your lack of security) from _________ to _________ with the rail ( or walk or bus or anything way) and my my assets ( name of asset, it may be cash, jewelry, home equipment, vehicles and other assets like mobile or PAN card or registry of home or identity card or voter card)  whose value is Rs. ______ ( mention the market price) and  number ___ ( mention your number if ) has been theft by thieves in my home ( or place where you have doubt). It did not find after searching and lock of door was broken by thieves. ( Write if you have injured : I have tried to capture them and they have attacked on me with equipment ( name of the equipment) If you have doubt on the person (mention the name and address who theft) by writing. It is my big loss and without this, I am helpless. So, I am interested to capture the thieves and  punish them and give my asset back to me . So, it is my request to register my FIR for theft.

    Thanks and Regard

    Write your signature

    Write your address

    Write your mobile no.

    Attach your I.D. Proof. and Photostat of Bills ( as proof of owner of property) 
    Attach the identity of doubtful persons ( who may be thieve as per your doubt) 
    Attach Govt. or Private  Doctor's Certificate that you have injures if thieves have attacked on you.  

    Make 3 Copies of this. Stamp of Police station and take the sign of police officer.

    •  One will be in the hand of police.
    •  One you will attach with the application of duplication document ( if thieves have taken your legal document). 
    • One will be in your hand.

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