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How to Make Punjabi Suit

Vinod Kumar

In this part of making punjabi suit step, our expert will show you how to sign for joining the parts of a punjabi suit, if you want to learn or make punjabi suit or if you want our tailoring service, please  comment below.

How to Become Rich in India - Part 8

Vinod Kumar

In this part, I have told my story. How did my saving of money habit gives me richness in India and financial independence because

I. I set up my new business with saving when my past business failed.

2. I control my financial stress and anxiety

3. I did not feel lack of money.

So, it is my request, to save minimum 10% of income.

How to Become Rich in India - Part 7

Vinod Kumar

In this motivational lecture, we will teach benefits of habit of saving for becoming rich. 1. Saved money can be used for emergency in business. 2. Saved money can be used for getting the opportunity of business. You need to save only minimum 10% per month non-stop 10 years and see the magic when you will have big money and you will invest in best business opportunity and you will get passive income from it.

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