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How to Improve Brain Memory Power

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Dear students,

Today, I tell you how to overcome the problem of memorizing concepts. How to improve brain memory power. For remembering anything, you have to read that again and again. Your retention of that will be increasing with every reading you will make.

Because when we study repeatedly, then the concept takes a place in our brain and mind. Along with that we need to have a positive attitude. You must have seen a football many times. When you hit a football to ground, it comes back upward, again you hit it, again it comes back and it goes on. There is a reaction of that action. What happens you say, no, I can not learn it. Next time, no, I can not do it. No, I can not learn it at all. Every time, you would say it , you will get it back . What you need to do. You hit the ball on the ground and say, yes I can do it , yes I will do it. It will add to your performance and you will keep on doing well better and the best. Then, we have to study that way. Make your brain positive and have an optimistic attitude.

I will do it. It is very easy. Attitude will make your remember things. If you would think that you can not do it, then you will not be able to to do it. If you say that you  can do it, you will do it. Because study is like a football play. You consider your study like a game. You have to do entertainment from it, you enjoy it. Then, you will be able to memorize it. Nothing is impossible. ok, thanks. 

How to Increase Willpower ( in English )

Today, I will teach you how you can increase your will power, how you can control your mind, how can you control your diet, your mind that runs into many direction. We will teach you how to control from it. First of all, you should know what are the benefits of increasing willpower.

Secret of Success

Today, I will try to disclose the secret of success. What is the success? Success is that apex point where you have to reach. Success is not a product that you can be bought from the market neither can be sold. It is not even a service.

Motivational Poem by Ranju Kaura

Following is the motivational poem by Ranju Kaura.

Eligibility for Lecturer in MBA College

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I have completed 10th std and got my graduation in BBA corres., and MBA corres. am I eligible as  Lecturer in MBA College . please reply me.i have 9 years experience in managerial works.

Ganesh.R from India

How to Write Press Release

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Press creates the relationship between organisations and public. So, every organisation wants to publish their latest events in the press, so that it can reach to the public. Whether you are selling product or increase traffic  direct or indirect way, press can help you. Press is common word which is used for all news papers.  Every morning when you read news paper, you read lots of press releases of different organisation.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

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To stop worring and start living is very necessary for successful life. Your life is not for taking tension and feels like a patient. When you live your life with different type of tensions, it means, you are suiciding slowly. When God has given already death gift, what is need to die with tension poison. So, today, I will tell you some tips. If you will follow these tips, you will get success to stop worrying and start living.

How to Clean Air Filter Auto

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Today, I went to my friend who drives the auto for marketing his products. He showed me the air filter and he cleaned it. He told me that it is very important for keeping engine fresh and it increases the life of engine of auto. so, today, I added this tutorial in my svtuition.

How to Make Refined Oil

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The refined oil which you buy from market is very dangerous for your health because there are lots of chemical which are added in it. Best is to make it at home. Doctors and advertisements are also big cheaters who suggest you to eat refined oil because all are interested to earn the money. But we are very careful about your health. You can make refined oil from mustard oil.

Mint Health Benefits

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God has made mint as natural medicine. You just use daily and you can treat more than 20 diseases with mint. It is my personal 20 years experience. Come to the naturopathy and leave allopathy. In past, I had Naturopathic Practitioner and treated many patients successfully by just recommending them to use mint. moreover there is no side-effect of mint. You can treat following diseases and get health benefits from mint.