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LAST Life-Changing Autobiography of Vinod Kumar (Educator) in Hindi (Full Video)

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“Today is 19th Jan. 2015. Today is 7th birthday of my all online work including accounting education and svtuition. So, I am telling my autobiography through this full video.

I started my life from below. I started my career from newspaper vendor. Not just newspaper vendor but lots of other small work like laboratory assistant, salesman, tutor for orphan children, audit trainee. Work may be small but it must be respectful.  I just did hard work with full of dedication and achieved success. I will be happy if you get some motivation from my small autobiography.”

Thanks From Vinod Kumar (Educator)

About Vinod Kumar (Educator)

He is online teacher, motivator and the founder of Accounting Education and Svtuition. You can read more about Vinod Kumar at  

This video is under creative common license. You can share it and also download by youtube or facebook video downloader.

Connect with him at

How to Wash a Motorcycle

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How to Clean Motorcycle Spark Plugs

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How to Build Wood Stairs Less Slippery

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There is more chance of slip of your feet from wooden stairs, so, today, we will teach you the steps to build wood stairs which is less slippery.

Svtuition Rewind: Turn Down for 2014

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Thanks to all subscribers and users who watched Svtuition's Videos in 2014. Now, rewind svtuition of whole one year in 2.27 minutes. Please subscribe our svtuition youtube channel at

Importance of Square Root

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What is Square Root

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How to Find Square Root of 5

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How to Find Square Root of 2

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