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How to Hide Comment Box in WordPress Pages

If you search above in Google search engine, you will not find any good solution because because I already searched same in Google search engine. Actually, our problem is not to show comment box in top navigation bar pages. After not getting answer from google search engine, I started to search new plugins and I got solution. So, I am ready to educate you about how to hide comment box in WordPress pages.

1. To Find One Click Close Comments Plugin in Add New Plugin

Just login your self-hosting WordPress, and then go to plugin and find one click close comments plugin. This is wonderful plugin. Without knowing programming, you can use it very easily.

2. To Install One Click Close Comments Plugin

Now, read its description and install it in your WordPress root directory by clicking on install button.

3. To Go to All Pages and To Close Comment Box

Just go to all pages, you will see green button, it means, your comment box is open. Just click on it, it will become red. It means, your comment box has been closed. After this, visit that page, you will see there will not be any comment box.


  1. Thanks a Lot.Very Useful Content.

  2. Wow! This is really useful. Thanks a lot for this plugin :)

  3. This came right up in my search engine and saved me a lot of work. Thank you.


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