Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

We are giving 10 simple symptoms which will be helpful to identify any person as gambling addicted.

1. You will see that person will start to sell his own things. He will start to sell his jewellery and his important things. Actually, he needs money. For fullfilling his need, he will get money by selling his things.

2. You will see that he will take your things. He will sell also your taken things without your permission.

3. He will take the loan from you for any false purpose. If you will investigate him, you will find that this money has been utilized for gambling.

4. You will see that person will a sample of greed person. Every time, he will talk to earn money.

5. His behavior will not good. He will anger on each talk.

6. Money will use in Gambling Online. He will start to live without food because same money will be utilized for gambling.

7. He will also start to speak lie.

8. He will not control on his mind.

9. He will faith on God instead of hard work.

10. He will try to live alone.

Vinod Kumar


Prof. Vinod Kumar is an Indian Educator, Motivational Speaker, Naturopathic Practitioner and Entrepreneur . He is the founder of Svtuition... read more »


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