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Few days ago, I saw a video in youtube in which I saw that  a great clip art expert is earning online through his free clip art learning website. I have motivated from him. I just go to his face book and told thanks. I was also interested to learn the clip art basics for my educational websites. So, I requested
I do not know the A,B and C of Clip Art and Painting. From where I can learn the basics of this education. Please tell me.

This great personality replied

I taught myself. I draw all the artwork with pencil. Next, I outline it with black marker. I then scan the art onto the computer. Finally, I add color with Photoshop. So, if you can draw a good drawing, I suggest you learn Photoshop. I use Adobe Photoshop every day.

This is the short but best tip for me for learning clip art basics. I hope, it will be helpful for you. That great personality name is Phillip Martin and his website name is

In this site, you can find big resource for learning clip art. Thanks Phillip Martin for writing this great tip.

Vinod Kumar


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