Debate on Non Vegetarian vs Vegetarian

Non Vegetarian : If we do not eat the meat and other non-veg., number of animals will increase with high rate. At that time to live the human in this earth will be difficult.

Vegetarian : This the bad trick of selling non-veg. products to the customers. Actually, God has main power to birth, to feed and to close the life of any animal or any human being. So, God never increase the balance of birth but if we eat them, it is very risk to disturb the balance of God (Nature). Due to killing of animal, they will be end at high rate. At that time, non-vegetarian will start to kill human being. So, leave the bad habit of eating the meat if you want to secure your children.

Vinod Kumar


Prof. Vinod Kumar is an Indian Educator, Motivational Speaker, Naturopathic Practitioner and Entrepreneur . He is the founder of Svtuition... read more »


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