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How to Become Computer Operator

Computer operator is a person who oversees the running of computer system, ensuring that the machines are running and physically secured. Computer operator works with different types of software and applications. Software and applications vary from industry to industry and company to company.

Although jobs for computer operators are available in every industry. But before seeking a job opportunities for computer operator, we need to know some common requirements for this job.

Common Requirement for Becoming Computer Operator : 

1. Educational Qualification:

This is a prime requirement for every job. To be a computer operator a person must have high school diploma. Some organizations prefer degree. So, high school diploma may be sufficient but degree can be better for the job.

2. Technical Qualification:

In technical qualification, first of all, candidate should have the knowledge of software and applications, knowledge of network monitoring and some knowledge about computer hardware. Typing speed of a computer operator should also be good. Minimum required typing speed 40 WPM (words per minutes). But it is not sufficient because for facing competition, you have to increase it upto 60 WPM.

3. Experience:

To get selected for a job experience also plays a very important role. If you have some experience about a particular job your chances to get selected will be more than an inexperienced person. For computer operator job, one or two years experience is good. Requirement of experience for computer operator job varies by company. Some organizations may appoint a fresher for computer operator job.

4. Skills:

There are lots of skills which may also be needed in the profession of computer operator. In these skills, we can include the command on English and local language, good communication skill and good behavior skill.

If a person fulfills the above requirements, then he can seek for a job or start own computer operator business. If he/she is seeking a job then he can try in government or private company where computer operator is required. These days BPO industry is providing so many jobs for computer operator. In this industry there is a job profile called back end, in which complains of customers are solved. If someone don’t want to go for a job then he/she can start own computer operator business.

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