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How to Pray of God for Marriage

Welcome dear students, from today, we are starting Religious Studies Course for B.A. and M.A. Classes. Vikram Kumar is our new teacher who is providing service for covering this course. He is Govt. teacher and expert in this area. If you want to study the profile of Vikram Kumar, you can study at http://svtuition.com/vikram-kumar/

Today Lesson of Religious Studies Course

Whatever is your religion, we should pray of God. God is one and his names are different. Muslim says him Alha Tala, Hindu Says him Ram, Sikh says Wahegur and christian says god.

So, religion teaches us different prays. Everytime, we have to say thanks God for his greatness, kindness and love.In this lecture, you will learn the steps to pray of god for your marriage.

1st Say : O God, I need a wife or a husband who is educated, beautiful both mind and body and tell you full list what type of your life partner you need.

2nd Pray : O God, if you have not any life partner as per my requirement, then, I am accepted the life partner what you want to give but one condition, please accept. She or he must love to me not my money or property.

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