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A Stipulative Definition is

(A) always true

(B) always false

(C) Sometime true sometime false

(D) Neither true nor false

Answer : (D) 

Explanation : 

When we define any term but it is unclear to understand for other. So, neither it is true nor false. For example, we saw a new thing. We do not know its name. We have given its name. So, when we define it, other may or may not understand it. So, our stipulative definition neither true nor false.

1 comment:

  1. A stipulative definition is a type definition in which a new or current-
    existing term is given a specific meaning for the purpose of argument or
    discussion in a given context. When the term already exists, the definition may,but not necessarily,contradicts the dictionary definition of the term.
    Because of this,a stipulative definition can not be "correct or incorrect"
    lt can differ from other definitions,but it can be useful for its intended
    purpose only.


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