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Motivational Poem by Ranju Kaura

Following is the motivational poem by Ranju Kaura.

A trail of mis-fortune,

Curses and tragedies!
Jesus on the Cross, smiling
the crown of thorn,
Blessed are thee!
No! It waxes off my spirit
You can only give that can be contained.
“Do you have choices?”,
HE mocked/smiled
” should I resign completely?”
Slow poisoning of soul
eating away my spirit,
that was meant to be jovial.
” raise thee! Hail thee!
Conjure up all that is left in thee.
Turn all this into medicine,
that is what it is meant to be
for few suffer, to feel
How HE was nailed, spat at
to feel tears of Jesus, within them
to witness our own evil and loathe it!
My dear, raise
and embrace the gift given by HIM
I saw Jesus smiling
smiling with me

Copyright- Ranju
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