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How to Strong your Thighs

If you have the strong thighs, you can use them for other difficult exercises of bodybuilding. So, you should learn to strong your thighs. It will also helps to show good strength in body.

Simple Steps of Strong Your Thighs

 Simply more rotation will help for making strong your thighs. For example, you can use bicycle for making thighs. In bodybuilding exercise, we will lift and by doing up and downs, you can make our thighs.

1. Lift the barbell with your both hands

2. Stand your body.

3. Carry the barbell backside of neck and keep it on the back of neck.

4.  Now, up and down 10 times. You can take 2 sets in starting after experience, you can do its 10 sets for making your thighs.

Video Tutorial

Watch and learn its practical steps from following video tutorial.

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