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Google India Publisher's Meet

First time, Google invited publishers of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal in Chandigarh. Yesterday, I had participated in it. There are lots of experts of Google team are the speakers. In this one day seminar, I am sharing what I had learned. 

 1. To Write in Hindi 

Me with famous Hindi Online Publisher and Prof. of Physics

As per Google, there are lots of growing trend of Hindi users but there is lack of Hindi Data. So,Google recommended to write in Hindi or translate English content into Hindi. More than 40% online users prefer Indian language than English. So, it is good opportunity of Indian online publishers to gain from this community who love to read Hindi. 

2. What is Google Doing for Making Better Hindi in Search 

Google is doing hard work for making better results. For this, it has created Hindi font. It has created Hindi Voice search. It is promoting Hindi Content. It is supporting ads in Hindi content. With this, Hindi publisher can get financial help. 

3. Write Contents for Helping Women

There is growing trend in women. So, start to write contents relating to women. There are 5 million unique women. So, you can write the contents relating to women health and other relationship issues. For increasing the views of women to your website.

4. Mobile Site is Important

Mobile users are growing with fast rate. In single day, 165 minutes, people spent on mobile instead of TV or PC. 65% of Indian users are came through mobile Internet. Internet plans are very cheap in the world. Smart mobile cost is also very less. You can get good mobile phone between 5000 to 6000 Rs. In 2020, there will be 650 million users online through mobile. 

5. Hindi Website Hero

Today, Hindi websites are big users. For example. Danik bhasker, Aj Tak, Jagran, Amer Ujala and webdunia  have 300 million users in every month. So, you can become next Hindi website hero by writing quality hindi content. 

6. Video is Still Powerful

Indian publisher can grow their business through videos. YouTube is second largest search engine in the world. So, not just writing, publishers should also make small video and upload in youtube.

7. Connect Certified Google AdSense Partners

Grow your business by taking partnership with google AdSense partners like adpushup, readwhere ets.They will try to best to increase your income through better optimizing your contents. Main leader of adpushup was saying, " If we will change the layout for social networking site traffic, our adsense revenue will change. Very less people have done such experiment. But this is good point which I had listened first time. 

8. Future of Advertising

It is estimated that advertisers of India will spend 10000 crores in online advertisement in 2017-2018. So, there is no shortage of money to publishers. 

9. Be Careful Third-party Advertising

If you are using google AdSense, you should more careful relating to third party advertising. If it is against policy of AdSense, your AdSense account will suspend. 

10. Use Page Insight Tool

This is good and new tool in Google Search console. Publisher or webmaster should use it. 

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