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How to Publish Android App to Google Play Store

Whether you have online or internet shop or you are online publisher, you need big online community+These days, all have mobiles whether they can connect directly with your business. So, to reach the customer will become so easily. Just you need your website's app which should be publish in google play store.

It is very necessary to publish your website app in google play store. App is small icon in which some code apk code which connect people with your website directly. No one know you but know google and its play store. All mobile company have installed already google play store. So, if in this market, your free app will available, people can install it in their mobile and connect with your business.

So, know, how can you learn its simple process.

1st Step : Creating APK of Your mobile Website

If you have hired a mobile developer or your are mobile developer, then there is no problem. But if you do not have the knowledge of APK, you need to make it from third party website which can help you to make APK because when you will upload it in your google play store account, then you will find your app online live. If you do not know to make APK of your mobile website. Just create it AppsGeyser website. Just join it with your facebook. Create app by providing the information and website it will demand. It will give the option to download APK of your mobile website. Through this, you should download APK.

2nd Step : Create Google Play Store Developer Console Account 

Just open this account by paying $ 25 with your credit card and start to upload APK and publish your mobile website APPs. Few years, ago, I had made accounting education app.

Today, I have made Svtuition app because I had paid $ 25 through credit card to this company.  Previous app was installed more than 5000 people. Now, hope, people will like this app and install more than this limit.  So, after creating your account, you will reach inside of this.

3rd Step : Add Your Application 

There will be the button of add application. Now, step by step fill the  information. Means, name of app, is it educational or ecommerce or shopping. Add the proper size image of mobile website, tablet website and on TV website. Upload the icon and APK. There is also rating questionnaire. Which you have ot fill. After this, you will get the rate and just publish. After few hours, your app will live.

Bonus Tips :

1. By making great apps, you can create big fan community of mobile holders. For example, a person in google play store who is making apps like how to earn big money. How to great relationship and every app has more than 5000 users. It means, same users, you can also achieve.

2. Sometime, your app will not publish, it will show some warning. So, read it carefully and solve it by filling right information or click right radio button and after making one or two, you will become expert.

3. There is ADMob of Google where publisher and developer apply and then show the ads in installed app. Through this, they can earn big money.

4. Now, there is no need to expert. I am not developer but with above simple step, I have published my 3 apps in google play store, you can check. If I can publish why can not you?

5. Big institute take 50000 RS. and take your 6 months but from online, you can learn free like this free content.

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