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How to Repair Hand Water Pump in India

In India, water is falling down day by day due to cutting of trees and building construction. So, hand water pump will not lift water. Except this, there are lots of other reasons, we need to repair water pump in India.

There is big labor cost in India, so it is necessary to do plumbing work yourself. We have expert plumber who has more than 40 year experience in this industry. He has allowed us to cover his practical repair work in our camera. In common, boky or plastic cup will depreciate or washer may be depreciated.

Symptom of Need of Repair Hand Water Pump

Hand  water pump will not lift the water.

First of you following equipment and Material, you need

a) 2 Pipe Wrench

b) Plastic Cup

c) Washer

d) Pipe Tape

e) Screw Driver

Text Steps

1. Open the Water Pump's Iron Rod

Just open the handle of water pump and cover, you can start the process for repairing it.

2. Unscrew the 12 feet Long Iron Rod's Joint

For unscrew the 12 feet long iron rod's joint, you need 2 pipe wrench. On pipe wrench should tight on the joint and second on the above rod. Now, pressure the wrench handle in reverse side. It will open and you take above iron rod and keep it on safe side because after repairing, we need it for resembling.

Remember : This process, you have to follow 3 or 4 times because more deep, your cup of pump house, more you need to unscrew the the iron rods.

3. Change the Cup Plastic from Home of Pump

 Remove the steel plate through the screw driver tool. This steel plate will hold the cup plastic. Now, you should change it. Add new. No need to buy cup leather. Cup plastic is better than cup leather.

4. Change the Washer from the Pump

If your cup plastic is ok, you have to send hasp in the water pump  with the help of rope which should be equal the size of total length of water pump iron rods. With this hasp, we capture the swivel. This swivel will hold the washer. We have to change it.

5. Resemble the Water Pump Iron Rods

Now, we have to join all the iron rod with pump wrench. If there is big problem, we need to reinstall new water pump in other place in same home which you can learn at here.

Video Tutorial

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