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How to Use Multiple Twitter Accounts on Same Browser

I have many twitter accounts which represent the social account of my organisation. But for posting the tweet. I used different browsers or single browser's different user. It was my big headache. But recently, I read the tutorial on the help center of twitter. Now, we all use multiple twitter accounts on same web browser.

Why is it Necessary to Use Multiple Twitter Accounts on Same Browser?

Just of Time Saving and Help to increase productivity.

It has following simple steps which you have to follow.

1. Login your first account on twitter.com

Just login your first twitter account in twitter.com

2. Open https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/ 

This is subdomain of twitter. You have to open it writing same url on the browser.

3. Use the Left Side Button Expand

Left side you will see two arrow button. Just click to expand left side where you will new sub buttons.

4. Click on Accounts

Now click on account button.

5. Add New Account

Add your second twitter account.

6. Write the User Name and Password of New Twitter Account 

Just write your second twitter username and password and open. And start to write the tweet on same browser in same computer.

Tweetdeck >> Expand >> Account >> Login

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