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How to Make Shuttering for Concrete Base

Recently, I have made my new home on L shaped 400 square foot area of land. For lenter RCC, I need to make shuttering. This is one of difficult function which is required for concrete base in RCC lenter. But my team is perfect who did best. I have also learned lots of technical things during the time of shuttering for concrete base which I am writing today in this written content and showing the video tutorial. It will be helpful if you are learning to make shuttering for concrete base.

1. Keep the Space for Garders in Your Walls

one and half foot, we will keep blank space in each wall. It will be used for adding the garders. Garders will lift the concrete base. So, we have to keep it below the surface of wall.

2. Collect the Shuttering Material

After this, we have to calculate the total no. of garders, total numbers of plates, total no. of wooden plates, total no. of wooden stick. We also measure the size of garders, plates and wooden sticks. All material should reach at the place where we have to perform our work.

3. Install the Garders on the Walls

Now, first of all we have to install the garders with the help of labourers. Two or more labourers are needed. It depends on the size of garders. If garders are 18 foot or long, you need more labourers. First wall and front wall, we will take. and tight these garders.

4. Level the Garders

Now, we have to level of all the garders which will be between these two garders with the help of small rope like leveling of brick wall. After leveling, we will tight all the garders.

5. Install Wooden Plates on the Garder for leveling Iron Plates

It is necessary, we will keep the wooden plate on the both side of garders for leveling iron plates.

6. Install the Iron Plates

Now, we will keep all iron plates on the garders after completing the 5th step.

Watch Video Tutorial

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