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How to Blog from Mobile App

Great, you are interested to write your own blog through your mobile app for increasing your focus on your strength of writing and converting your hobby of writing into your profession as writer. If you are beginner in it or still did not know, I am telling its simple steps.

1st Step : Install Google Blogger App and Sign in by Your Gmail id and password 

Just go to your google play store and search google blogger and install it and sign it.

2nd Step : Choose Your Google Account in it

If you have more than one Google Account, See in which Gmail ID, you are connected your made Google Blog.

3rd Step : Use Pencil Icon for Writing New Blog

When you will click the pencil, you see the box where you can write new content. 

4th Step : Add Label of Your Content 

After writing the content, you have to add the lebal, so that people fastly find your content and read.

5th Step : Save Your Content in Draft

You see save icon near your arrow icon publish button. Never publish immediately. Preview it and clear your all mistakes in your blog. 

6th Step : Publish Your Blog

Now after mistake checking your can publish your blog and see your all published conents. 

7th Step : View Your Blog

Just go to view blog menu and see your published content.

8th Step : Change Your Blog URL if You are writing in Other Language instead English

If you are writing in your other language instead english. Just go to destop version of google blogger  in your mobile and change the permalink before publish your content. With this, you get more search. 

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