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5 Top Tips for Buying Property in India

We can include land, house, store and other building in properties. If you are interested to buy any of these properties in India. My following top 5 tips will be helpful for you for buying good properties in India.

1st Tip : Search For Good Environment

Yesterday, I reached a colony of my city. We are searching good environment for buying our house. I found a beautiful place. There was the number of a property dealer of that place. I called him. He told me that he was ready to sell that place at Rs. 4000 per Guj. But, I also wanted to know the environment near this place. But, soon we saw that there were lots of people were standing near my selecting place. I could not understand about the purpose of their standing. Soon, I found that there was sex business. There are lots of sex workers who were doing sex business for payment from clients. I decided not to buy that beautiful place because there was big bad things happening. I wanted just noble families area. Like me, you should also see whether there was  noble family area or not. Not see just money.

2nd Tip : Basic Services 

We need also basic services like electricity service, water supply and cleanses service. If the roads are so bad, you need not buy that place.

3rd Tip : Quarrel of  Land 

If the land is of quarrel between brother or sister or two relatives, you must not buy that land.

4th Tip : Fluctuation in prices 

If there is big fluctuation in prices, you should not buy the property at that time. Wait and when the prices will normal, then you should buy the property.

5th Tip : To Buy the Land and Make the Building is the Better 

You should not buy already build home or house. You can not see its used material. So, buy your own land and construct building on it. That is the better way.


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