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How to Take Tuitions at Home

Tuition is best way of teaching because in tuition, we teach 5 or 10 students. We can easily handle all their  students. We can easily guide to their students. So, we have to start tuition center instead of opening of school or college. But for this, we have to learn the technique of taking tuition classes at home. I have taught tuition to higher commerce classes at my home. So, today, I am starting my new website with providing the steps of taking tuition at home.

1. Selecting the Place of Tuitions

For taking tuitions at home, you should select the place of tuition. It should be peaceful and without disturbance. Better is to take tuition on the top of your home. Sometime, your student may distrub other family members. So, place of tuition in home will be peaceful for your students and your family members.

2. Selecting the Subject of Tuitions

After selecting the place of tuitions, you have to select subject of tuitions. You can not become expert in all subject. But you can expert in two or four subjects. For example, you can teach accounting, finance and economics. In other combination, you can take the tuitions of marketing and other management. Like this, you can choose your favorite subject of tuition.

3. Selecting the Class of Tuitions 

One time, you should take tuitions of one class in home. Otherwise, it will be mixing of your given education. No one can take benefit from your given guidance.

4. Selecting the Medium of Instruction

It will be the better, if you take tuitions classes at home in your mother tongue because in mother tongue, you can teach exact what is the topic and how to deal with it? Your student can easily understand what you are teaching.

5. Starting Tuitions with Minimum Fees

I know to open the tuition center will be your source of earning. But you should start your tuition center with minimum fees. I have started my offline tuition center by taking fee of Rs. 150 per month per student. I also taught free tuition to orphan and poor students. Like me, you should also take free tuitions  of poor and orphan students. Only doing this, you can free from the loan of your teachers who taught you free.

6. Making of Some Notes 

Before taking tuitions at home, you should spend your time for making your own notes. It should not be copied. It should be part of your teaching. You have to provide knowledge which is still not in books. Pray to God for getting such knowledge.

7. Taking Test 

For checking the capability of your tuition students, you should take test after some time of tuition. With this, your student will become more active.

8. Proper Management of Tuition Time 

If you have lots of classes of tuition, you have to manage tuition time properly. You have to punctual. You have to teach your students for coming tuition center on time. You have to tell you students about the importance of saving time.
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