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Tips for Internal Audit Interview

Dear sir,
I have applied for the post of internal auditor in a Jewellery business. I would like to know its interview tips.  how it is to be done, what are the things that I should analyze etc. Though I completed my article-ship ( i admit -a dummy article), I am unable to grasp it.

I would be greatly indebted to you sir if you could clarify my doubt in detail.

Mahesh from India

Mahesh! Internal audit is the part of internal control and internal control is the part of functions of management. It means internal auditor is also part of management authorities. In internal auditing, internal auditor check the financial reports time to time. He also investigate the financial fraud in company. He also sees whether company is following accounting standards while it is making the accounts. On all his checking basis, he makes internal audit report. In which he mentions his research and advice to management body for safeguarding the property of organisation.

If you are going for interview for the post of internal auditor, I will give following internal audit interview tips, it will be helpful for your success in this job appointment.

1. You should study all the latest accounting standards and amendments in it.

2. You should also study general company and other business laws and its latest provisions.

3. You should study the auditing books for updating in this profession.

4. You should also increase your confidence by discussing with your friends who are in accounting professions about  latest accounting work in business.

5. Try to develop better communication of facts in writing and in speaking.

6. Not to think just becoming  internal auditor in  any  Jewellery business but you should increase your skill in this profession. For this, you can do certified internal audit course.

Ok, my best wishes are always with you.

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