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Instrument Mutilated

If you have sent your cheque for clearing and your cheque is rejected by writing the reason of objection of instrument mutilated, then it means that your cheque is raw-boned. Day before yesterday, I sent my cheque for collection. That day, machine in which I had to deposit was not operating good way. My cheque's receipt did not come. After this, when the worker drew, my cheque my cheque was torn by machine. So, the bank in which I had to get money reject my cheque by writing instrument mutilated.

A bank may choose to pay for the cheque if the below information is clearly visible:
1. Issuer Name (Account holders name)
2. Payee Name
3. Date
4. Amount (Both in numbers & words)
5. Signature of account  holder (should match bank records)

Tomorrow, I am going to bank and more I can explain after this.  If you have more information due to your experience, please comment

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