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How to Make Wooden Step Ladder

Wooden Step Ladder is very useful for reaching top from bottom. It is cheap than steel or cement step ladder. You can use wooden step ladder for effective use of your limited space. Following are its steps :

1st Step : Correct Measurement 

Measure the total space in which you have to keep the ladder. First measure the space with 30 degree angle. Ladder will always be in 30 degree. Ok

2nd Step : Buy the Wooden Supports and Steps 

On the basis of length of ladder which we have measure, we can calculate the area of space which will be used by our bought wood. Suppose, length of ladder is 8 foot, it means, we need 16 length of two peaces of wood support. If the breadth is 1 foot. It means, we need 16 X 2 = 32 Square feet area for our two main support. Suppose, in this, area, we will cover with 6 or 5 steps, if one step's area is 2 X 1, then the total area of steps will be 32 square feet.

3rd Step : Join Steps with Supports

Take 2 inch nails and joins all the steps with supports. Above video will be helpful for you, if you are trying to make wooden step ladder by yourself.

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