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WHO is the First Person Who Made Education


Shaqiya Morgan from USA

No one can made all education. All education which we see current period is not the production of one person. All educational inventions and researches are done by millions of educationists and scientist. First person has disappeared in these millions of persons. Yes, we can find specific educational topic's father.

 For example, Henry Fayol has 14 principles of management. So, he became the father of management. But he did not made complete management theory. Like this, Frater Luca Bartolomes Pacioli is the first person who invented double entry system of Book-keeping. But before, double entry system, single entry system was used. It means, there is not any initial point and end point of education. We know that the first person who  invented the globe is Martin Behaim. But before martin behaim, there are lots of  geographers who had basic knowledge of globe but they did not succeed for making map.

So, I want to tell that every person is creating some education when he is learning education. We can learn the name of scientist but we can learn the endless list of educationist and teachers  who made scientists.

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