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Disadvantages of Gambling Addiction

There are lots of evils in our society. In these evils, one of important evil is of gambling which is decreasing the power of society. Gambling is reaching top just like any bad addiction. Every human being does his work for eating the food, wearing the clothes and living in the home.When a friend gives the advice to other friend to take the lottery for winning the prize of Rs. 1 crore, then that person does a small mistake of buying Rs. 100 lottery by acting upon his friend's advice. A small mistake goes you a big destruction. Due to this Rs. 100, he will lose lakhs of rupees from his pocket. Following are its disadvantages:

1. Every gambling addicted becomes drink addicted.Due to this, he or she faces the health problems.

2. He loses also the light of truth due to speaking of lie.

3. He also loses his reputation due to gambling addiction.

4. His good thinking level also goes down due to this addiction.

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