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How to Make Silver Rings

A goldsmith can make both female and male. Following are steps for making silver rings.

Ladies silver rings

1. Melt 5 gram silver and gives the square shape.

2. Use machine for making its wire.

3.  Some wire should be thick.

4. Use the tool for making small wire like spring.

5. Make the structure of ring with very small wire.

6. Make this structure on rubber.

7. Now, make the design of this wire structure by bullet and other small wire.

8. Now keep pop (white) this structure. Dry it in the air.  This pop will dissolve like water dissolve in raw flour.

9. Now, take rubber after completing dryness of this structure.

10. Now give some heat to the silver ring structure by using some joint stitch.

11. Now, take the pop after completing the joint stitch on the structure of wire of ring.

12. Now, send this design structure in acid. This acid should be of sulfur. Clean and wash after taking ring from acid. Now, make design through cutting machine.

Male Silver Rings

1. Melt 10  gram silver and gives the square shape.

2. Use machine for making its wire and small plate. This small plate should be 1/2 inch square.

3. Join its two side with stitch

4. For giving the strength to the side wire, you can joint two more wire in the middle of two main wires.

5.  For cleaning it, we can use sulfur acid. After keeping sometime in this acid, wash it with water.

6. Make the design or write some name on the male silver ring from designer.

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