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Learn to Drive a Bike

I think, if you want to teach driving a bike to public best way is to teach your brother first. I have done same. My brother do not know to drive my discover bike. So, I first explained its step and then gave him my bike.

Steps to Drive a Bike

1st Step : To Give Instructions

In bajaj company's discover bike,  all gears are starting by  clamping  forward. At that time, clutch should be held by hand.  After clamping the gear, you should open the clutch slowly and speed should be increased.

2nd Step : To Give Your Bike to Your Student

After giving instructions, you should give your bike to your student and you should run with him. 10 to 20 times practice, you can drive him on the road. New learner should operate bike slowly one road.

Remember : 1. Never teach on traffic road, it may be risky.

2. I You should never drive without wearing helmet.

3. Try to run with your student who is learning driving the bike, you can help in case accident.

4. After going to first gear, you have to slowly Loosen your bike clutch which will be in your left hand.

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