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Emotional Story in Hindi

As your emotion of doing any act, you will get reward for this. If your emotion is bad, your reward will be bad for you. If your emotion is good, your reward will also be good. Let me explain with a short story.

Suppose, one day, I was going to market. I had Rs. 50,000. A thief attacked on me. He killed with his knife and took my Rs. 50,000. My friend saw him. He captured him and carried him to Police. Police carried him to court. Court ordered him to be hanged till death for killing me.

Now, suppose, I was the patient of cancer. For its treatment, I gave Rs. 50000 to my doctor. Doctor also used his knife for operation. During the operation, I dead. But court will not hang the doctor. Why?

Both emotions are different. One want to kill me for earning Rs. 50,000. Other want to earn Rs. 50,000 for saving my life. Both earned but thief got hang punishment but doctor enjoyed life. So, decision is in your emotion. Do any work with good emotions. Its result will be good.

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