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How to Help the Friend who is Gambling Addicted

In past gambling was started just game for mental health. There was not any bid for win or loss. But, now it has become a dangerous disease. Anybody who is addicted in it will be the burden on the earth because his money will be not in his hand. He will become slave from financial point of view. So, his friend has to come to support him. Following tip will be helpful to the friend who is interested to save friend from gambling addiction.

1. His friend should motivate and say, "Dear, I know, you have lost your money in the gambling. You should forget it and start your life with new power. Next time, your will again become financial strong.

2. His friend should take him to picnic. With this, his mind will be peaceful. During picnic, he should teach that there will not be any benefit to play games. There are lots of other good business. You can take the example of Google. Google is earning from advertising. He contacted million publishers and advertisers. Now, it is earning good income. You should also leave the gambling and start to business life google.

3. His friend should give the good books in which there should be the stories of bad effect of gambling.

4. He should tell his future. After gambling, he will get only disappointment and weakness.

5. He should carry to that people who are captured in gambling from more than 10 years and needing obtained from gambling.

6. His friend should support him for his self-employement.

Written by Rajesh Kumar

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