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How to Stop Youth Smoking

To smoke is very bad thing. It is very harmful to the lungs and other organs of human body. So, youth should leave this bad habit. Today, we are writing some steps for leaving this bad thing.

1. First of all, you should increase the confidence in the youths. Without getting confidence, youth can not leave smoking. You have to give full confidence that he can easily leave smoking. A man can not live more time with smoking. So, you should encourage him in good activities like eye donation.

2. You should make good organisation which should be operate without any profit. This not -for profit organisation can spread the awareness against smoking. Youth will join with your organisation and after this, they leave smoking.

3. You should also tell the side-effects of smoking to youth. Many youth may be ignorant. They smoke just for enjoy. You should tell them that there is Poisson in the smoking material. If they will not leave it, there is 100% possibility of the death.

4. Some youth may be big smoker. They smoke 10 to 20 times. The bad habit captures all these gays. For leaving this bad habit, youth should remember saint kabir's advice. Saint kabir always advised to the public that all bad habits are just like your hand on the tree. You are saying tree is holding you which is white lie, actually, you are holding tree. So, jump from tree after leaving your hand. Like this, you should throw the cigarette and promise to god that you will never smoke again.

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